10 most beautiful bra brands

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Your old bra really doesn’t fit anymore and needs to be replaced, or maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight and your bust has decreased in size. Or you want to treat yourself to a new one BH, just because you are amazing. Whatever your reason, buying a bra is not as easy as it seems. It already starts with defining correct bra size, but you are not there yet. The bra should also keep the breasts in place and feel comfortable. And, last, but not least important, the appearance of the bra is also taken into account. A good bra is just like a bra happy hair day or those crazy shoes: they boost your confidence. Though underwear isn’t the first thing you look at, a well-fitting bra is sure to make you feel more confident and feminine. To help you in choosing a new bra, we have listed the top 10 most beautiful bra brands for you.

#1 prima donna bra

Dress to impress! The PrimaDonna bra is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable! This brand has been around since 1865 and knows what women with large breasts need: a beautiful bra that provides ample support, but is also stylish and sexy. The PrimaDonna bra provides firm support, giving you incredible cleavage. Who doesn’t want that?!

#2 winning bra

With the Triumph bra you can conquer the whole world! The Triumph bra is made of premium material and is very comfortable to wear. The brand sells bras in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can always find the perfect bra for you. The straps are adjustable, so you can adjust the bra to fit your body shape. Stinging braces and itchy straps? You won’t be bothered by that with a Triumph bra!

#3 Marie Jo bra

The Marie Jo brand makes bras that are trendy and comfortable. The Marie Jo bra is made of luxurious fabric with the most beautiful details, making it super feminine and also comfortable to wear. A well-fitting bra not only lifts your bust well, it also improves your posture. With a Marie Jo bra you can be sure to feel good!

#4 Calvin Klein bras

Who knows Billboard from Calvin Klein panties right?! The American brand is a brand when it comes to basic no-nonsense underwear that feels like a second skin. Calvin Klein bras are designed for comfort without sacrificing style. Whether you’re out all day or sitting at your desk, with a Calvin Klein bra you treat yourself to that extra luxury. Just because you are valuable.

#5 Chantelle bras

A well-fitting bra is perfect for your body shape! At Chantelle you have come to the right place, because there is a Chantelle bra for every woman that fits perfectly. The French brand’s underwear exudes elegance and is also very comfortable. With Chantelle bras you can be sure that you are getting a piece of high quality lingerie.

#6 Hunkemoller bras

Who didn’t grow up with Hunkemöller?! Your mom probably bought all of her bras there and your first bra probably did too Hunkemöllertje before. It is true! This chain has been on the top for years when it comes to affordable, good-quality bras. Whether you’re looking for a sporty bra or one that’s embellished with lace, you’re almost sure to find the bra you need at Hunkemöller. In this case, cheap does not mean expensive, because even if you wash and wear it frequently, Hunkemöller bras retain their shape and quality.

#7 Marlies Dekkers bra

Marlies Dekkers is certainly not to be missed from this list! The signature straps of the Marlies Dekkers bra accentuate your bust in a subtle and sexy way. Marlies Dekkers designs her own bras, handmade and using only the best materials. In addition, extra attention was paid to designing the perfect fit. If you don’t like classic lace or overdo it, but want to feel super feminine and confident, then Marlies Dekkers is the brand for you.

#8 Nike sports bra

With Nike sports bras you can be sure that you are getting one of the best sports bras around. As you’d expect from Nike, the brand uses only the finest fabrics that breathe well. This ensures that the brand’s sports bras are very comfortable to wear, making working out a lot easier. Whether you’re going for a jog or hitting the gym for an intense workout, with a Nike sports bra you can be sure that your breasts are getting enough support.

#9 Bra slogans

Sloggi has been at the top of Europe for years when it comes to lingerie. Since 1979, the brand has been very successful and many women have at least one Sloggi bra in their wardrobe. And for good reason! Sloggi means pure and feminine underwear that is very comfortable to wear. The Sloggi bra feels like a second skin and is ideal for everyday wear. Once you try on Sloggi underwear, you won’t want anything else.

#10 Passionata bras

Are you looking for a basic bra with smooth cups or do you prefer one with lace? Whatever your style, with the Passionata bra you’re always in the right place. The brand designs a wide variety of bras of all sizes and styles, so there’s bound to be one for you. Passionata pays attention not only to style, but also to wearing comfort. And you noticed it! Whether you choose a classic black bra or a playful style with lace and flowers, this brand’s underwear fits perfectly and makes you shine.