5 ways to combine beige pants

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Forget your blue skinny or black high waist; with beige pants you really stand out! Do you think beige pants are so boring that only your dad or grandpa would wear them? Then you are totally wrong! It beige pants are in trend, if you combine them in the right way of course. Beige pants are a great variation to your wardrobe and are suitable for many styles. Don’t know how to match your beige pants? Then these 5 ways will help you on your way!

Different shades of beige pants

​Beige pants are the beige pants you think of, but nothing could be further from the truth. Beige can consist of different shades. For example dark and light. Now not all beige looks good in the same color. For your beige pants to rock it is very useful to know which color of beige pants goes with which color.

  • ​​​Dark beige tone
    ​​​Dark beige pants are almost tan or green. This color pairs well with earth tones like terracotta and brown. Anthracite and gray also look great with these beige pants.
  • Beige shades
    Most beige tones lie somewhere between light and dark. It is this shade that immediately comes to mind when we talk about beige. You can actually combine this color with many other colors. You can go for white, black, ton-sur-ton, but bright colors like red, blue, and purple work well with beige pants.
  • Light beige tone
    Light beige tends to be more towards beige and yellow than brown. Dark colors like navy and black work well with light beige pants, as they create a nice contrast.

Combine 5x beige pants

Think beige pants are boring? Forget it! Beige pants are versatile and easy to match with many other colors. With these 5 ways, you can turn your beige pants into a spectacular outfit!

#1 beige jeans

If beige pants are hot, then beige jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe! Pair light beige jeans with a satin black blouse and black cowboy boots. This outfit is no longer necessary!

#2 Cream pleated pants

Beige trousers are not only a must-have for your casual outfit, with beige pleated trousers you have a spectacular business outfit too. Team your outfit with a pretty white or black blouse and a pair of high heels for the ultimate business look.

#3 Beige chinos

Beige chino pants are a must-have for every woman in every phase of life. Whatever your age, don’t be afraid to mix beige chinos with color, he (and you!) can take it! Also, the blue and white striped outfit goes well with beige pants.

#4 Beige pants in earth tones

Beige pants blend very well with other earth tones. It can go into a lot of brown, but army greens and warm reds look fantastic too. With white accents you give your outfit a needed refresh.

#5 Beige pants

Pair beige pants with a beige blazer for an elegant look. Make sure your pants and blazer are color matched, at least ton-sur-ton, so you become one piece. Do you think all the beiges are too boring? Then add an accent color, for example your shoes or handbag.