8 tips for breaking shoes

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It happens to the best: you head over heels by a madman shoe and you just need to have it. They’re a little tight once they’re put on, but you’ll be stuck in them in no time. Unfortunately: after wearing them after you’ve had blisters, your feet hurt and you’d prefer to point your new walking shoes where the sun never reaches. Don’t worry: a pair of squeeze shoes isn’t a bad buy. There are several ways to untie your shoes so you can wear them pain-free all day long. With these 8 methods, you can easily stretch your shoes and be walking like sandals in no time!

8 methods of stretching shoes

Wearing your new shoes all day is never a good idea. The leather on a new pair of shoes is often a bit stiff and tight, whether they’re ankle boots or loafers. That’s how everyone knows you’re Dr. Martens should catch up on being really comfortable, but this is true of more brands. Are your shoe lengths too tight? Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done about it. It’s impossible to make shoes bigger, but you can easily make them more flexible and a bit wider. With these 8 methods you can easily stretch your shoes and make them break more quickly.

#1 Stretch shoes with thick socks

Thick (sports) socks are great! They not only keep your feet nice and warm, but also reduce the risk of chafing and stretch your tight shoes a bit. Win win! That’s not bad captivating in your new pumps or sandals, but you really don’t need to hit the road in a pair of thick socks in your pretty shoes. Wear your shoes with socks for a few hours when you get home. Maintain this for a few days and you will notice that your shoes are stretching a bit.

#2 Stretchy shoes with damp socks

Wet or damp socks can be uncomfortable, but this tip is still worth trying. It is best to use a pair of thin socks. Moisten – no need to soak! – and put on your new shoes. Your damp sock makes the leather more flexible and expands, so the shoe molds to your foot. It’s a little uncomfortable, but your new shoes will be so much better!

#3 Shoe stretching with a hairdryer

With a hair dryer, you can not only style your hair beautifully, you can even style your shoes with it! All you have to do is put a pair of thick socks on your feet before putting your shoes on. With a hairdryer, you heat the shoe where it’s tight and the warm air makes the skin more supple. After drying, allow your shoes to cool completely. This way the shoes will adapt to your feet and will be much more comfortable.

#4 Breaking your shoes at home

Of course you’d rather wear your new shoes all day and flaunt them to everyone! The only risk is that you will develop leg pain in no time and prefer to kick it right away. To kick your shoes off properly, it’s better to just wear them at home first. Go crazy and vacuum with your new pump! As soon as your leg hurts, let it go. You really don’t have to struggle with sore feet! Build your shoe wear slowly, a little longer each day. You quickly realize that you can wear shoes without pain for a while.

#5 Shoe stretches with shoe trees

Ancient shoe tree? Think again! Shoe trees are great for keeping your shoes in shape and for stretching out tight shoes a bit. One shoe tree isn’t another, so it’s a good idea to see which shoe tree works for your flip-flops. For example, there is a shoe tree specifically for boots and pumps, but also for neat men’s shoes. So make sure you choose the right model!

#6 Shoe stretching while cycling

Can’t wait to make your shoes more flexible, but afraid to break them in? Then spin them! Get your bike and go on a fun bike ride. With pedaling, the skin becomes more supple and the shoe adapts better to your foot, without you getting painful blisters. Even if the toe of your boots is a bit stiff, it’s a way to make the leather more supple.

#7 Stretch shoes in the freezer

The freezer might not be the first place you thought of, but your freezer is great if you want to stretch out your shoes. Fill the freezer bag halfway with water and make sure the bag is tightly closed, otherwise you risk water running into your shoes and you’ll be far from home. Since water is a liquid, pockets will form in your shoes. Place your shoes with the bag in the freezer and leave them there overnight. In the freezer, water freezes and expands. This stretches the leather of your shoes a bit and creates a little extra space. Remove the shoes from the freezer and let sit in a warm, dry place for an hour or until the ice starts to melt. Shake the bag back and forth until you can easily remove it from your shoes. And voilayour shoes will now fit much better!

Tip: it is better not to wait for the ice to melt completely. If there are holes — or more — in the bag, it could leak into your shoes. Embarrassed!

#8 Stretching shoes at the cobbler

Have you tried all of these tips, but your shoes are still pinching? Then it’s time to go to the cobbler! The cobbler has it all equipment and knowledge and know exactly the best way to stretch your shoes for a better fit.

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Whether your sandals can stretch depends on the material they are made of. For example, your sandals made of leather, suede or plastic can stretch a little in most cases. Unfortunately, plastic or rubber sandals cannot be stretched.

There are several ways to stretch fabric shoes a little. For example, stretch your cloth shoes by wearing them with thick socks and then heating them with a hairdryer. Or stretch your cloth shoes by placing them in the freezer. Fill the freezer bag halfway with water, tie the bag tightly and tuck the bag into the shoe. Then put it in the freezer and leave it overnight.

Tip: Never use extreme heat or cold on suede shoes, as this can damage the shoes. Instead, you can stretch suede shoes by wearing them with thick socks or spritzing them with a special stretch spray made for suede shoes.

Yes, you can stretch suede shoes. For example, use a spray can with stretch spray made specifically for suede shoes. Note: never apply extreme heat or cold to suede, as this can damage the shoe.

Yes, you can stretch leather shoes. For example, you can stretch leather shoes by wearing them with thick socks or heating them with a hairdryer.

Yes, suede shoes stretch a little for the first few days. This is because suede is very flexible.

Unfortunately, you can’t stretch your shoes lengthwise. However, you can make your shoes wider by using a stretching technique. In this case, the shoe size will be a quarter to a half size larger.