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We are delighted to introduce Quickstep’s newest range of laminate flooring – Quickstep Muse.

With this range, Quickstep has taken the beauty and natural textures of stone, slate and concrete and combined it with the benefits of Quickstep laminate resulting in a range of beautiful and realistic looking floors.

Quickstep’s designers were inspired by the bluestone quarries in Belgium that originated 400 million years ago. They studied small chalk fragments, shells and fossils painted on stone – all of which helped to influence their muse portfolio.

Thanks to their innovative color technology they have been able to simulate the contrast and intensity of real stone tiles. The exquisitely finished surface matches the design of the tile, so it looks and feels like the real thing.

So, what’s the difference between Quickstep Muse and a real stone floor? Muse is warm to the touch, so no need to worry about cold feet in the morning. They also boast the iconic Uniclic installation system, making DIY installation an easy option – saving you money on expensive tile laying.

On the subject of installation, 5 of the decorations allow you to choose between a cross installation pattern or a half-stone installation – giving you more freedom in the design of your stone inspired laminate floor.

The range includes 11 unique designs including 3 bluestone, 6 concrete and 2 slate decorations. Botanic concrete has a really distinctive style, with flowers and leaves mixed into the stone design. Or, if you want a classic slate look, gray slate is a great choice.

Each design includes beveled edges to help define each tile. They are also finished with Quickstep’s Scratch Guard technology and are 100% water resistant making them a great choice for kitchen or bathroom flooring. As with any Quickstep laminate you can be sure that these floors are durable and built to withstand everyday spills and accidents.

And that’s Quickstep Muse – it looks like stone but feels like home. Want to see how these gorgeous floors would look in your own home? Why not give our room visualizer tool a try or feel free to order a sample if you want a closer look at textures.