How did New Balance fall? Find your size with this handy size chart!

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There’s nothing more annoying than a pair of shoes that are too big or too small. After all, you’re buying shoes to walk in comfortably, not to sore or chafing your toes. Even if you are a couple New balance If you want to score goals, the right size is very important. You only benefit from a good fit and high quality if the shoe fits perfectly. You may not know which New Balance size will work best for you. That’s why you can read all about how New Balance fits and what size you need on this blog!

How did New Balance go down?

In general, New Balance shoes are a normal size. In most cases, you can simply order your own size for a perfect fit. Which size is best for you depends on the shape of your foot and which New Balance sneakers you want to buy. Especially with wide feet, it’s sometimes wise to order a (half) size larger.

Usually wear size 39? So it’s best to also order a size 39 with most New Balance models. With wide feet it is sometimes necessary to order a size 40. Are you still not sure which size you need exactly? See the New Balance sizing chart later on this blog.

New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 first launched in 1989, but only really caught on around 2020. The 550 has the best of a vintage basketball look, which fits right in with today’s chunky sneaker trend. The upper is made of leather, with a rough (white) rubber sole on the underside. Moreover, the sturdy leather material on top makes the New Balance 550 feel a bit tight. Often your normal shoe size will suffice, but if you have wide feet, half a size bigger is better.

New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 is one of the most iconic models in the collection. The combination of lightweight suede and mesh makes this model incredibly comfortable. These shoes have a hip retro look thanks to the large logo and raised sole. This model fit is normal as you would expect from New Balance. Feel free to order your own size. If you have wide feet, a larger (half) size may be required.

New Balance 997

The New Balance 997 is known for being a perfect fit. The inside is made of textile, so the sneakers really mold to your foot. Also, the 997 has a spectacular appearance, which makes it a must-have. Want to buy a pair of New Balance 997? Then just buy your own size for a perfect fit. If you have wide feet, it is better to choose a (half) size larger.

How is New Balance suitable for women?

A pair of New Balance women’s sneakers is a must-have in your well-stocked sneaker collection! Whether you prefer sports shoes or casual styles, with the extensive New Balance collection, everyone will find the shoe they are looking for. However, make sure you order the right size. Measure your feet in centimeters and convert them to the perfect shoe size.

Foot length in CM Your size (EU) US size
22 35 5
22.5 36 5.5
23 36.5 6
23.5 37 6.5
24 37.5 7
24.5 38 7.5
25 39 8
25.5 40 8.5
26 40.5 9
26.5 41 9.5
27 41.5 10
27.5 42.5 10.5
28 43 11

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How is New Balance suitable for men?

A pair of New Balance sneakers for men can no longer be left out of the street scene. Almost every man has a pair in his closet. Don’t have one yet, but want to buy some? Then make sure you order the right size at once, so you can enjoy your new New Balance right away. Measure your foot length with one centimeter and then calculate which shoe size will fit this.

Foot length in CM Your size (EU) US size
24.5 39.5 6.5
25 40 7
25.5 40.5 7.5
26 41.5 8
26.5 42 8.5
27 42.5 9
27.5 43 9.5
28 44 10
28.5 44.5 10.5
29 45 11
29.5 45.5 11.5
30 46.5 12
30.5 47 12.5
31 47.5 13
32 49 14
33 50 15
34 51 16
35 52 17

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How is New Balance suitable for children?

With a pair of New Balance kids sneakers, your child’s feet are in the right place. The shoes provide support where it is needed and are very comfortable. Buying only the right size is even more difficult for children than for yourself. With the help of the size chart below, you will succeed. Measure your child’s feet using centimeters and calculate which size fits best.

Foot length in CM Your size (EU) US size
11 19 3.5
11.5 20 4
12.5 21 5
13 22 5.5
14 23 6.5
15 24 7.5
15.5 25 8
16 26 9
16.5 27 9.5
17 28 10.5
17.5 29 11.5
18 30 12
19 31 13
19.5 32 13.5
20 33 1.5
20.5 34 2
21 35 3
21.5 36 4

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