How Do Women Work? [2022] – Which ones

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46.6% of the workforce are women in the United States. This is based on a female labor force participation rate of 56.8% compared to the labor force participation rate of 67.9%. When we calculate that women are the majority in the US, we see that about 46.6% of the workforce are women.

The percentage of women was at its highest in 1999, when 60% of the working women in the US were employed. The epidemic affected labor force participation between women and men. However, there are already signs of recovery, as the female labor force participation rate has increased by 2.2% since April 2020.

number of women in the workforce 2012-2022

Having children is an important factor in women’s working life. 72.4% of women with children under 18 work, much higher than the average number of women. Even for women with children under 3 years old, the number of workers is 63.8%.

number of working women by age of children

Interestingly, the patterns are reversed for fathers, who tend to work with younger children and are less likely to be older.

the number of people in the workforce based on the age of the children

Women Dominated Industries

  1. Which industries employ the most women?

    Education and health services employ many women. 74.8% of the education and healthcare workforce are women, making them the most female-dominated industries in the US. .

    women controlled the industries

  2. Which industries employ the fewest women?

    Construction and mining employ very few women. Only 10.3% of construction workers and 15.8% of miners are women.

    industries with fewer women

  3. What careers are most dominated by women?

    The jobs of primary school and kindergarten teachers are dominated by women. 98.7% of entry-level education jobs for women in the US The rest are dental hygienists, speech therapists, and dental assistants.

    Job Section of Female Employees
    School and kindergarten teachers 98.7%
    Dental hygienists 96%
    Speech language experts 95.8%
    Dental assistants 94.9%
    Child care workers 93.4%
    Medical records and health professionals 93.3%
    Secretaries and administrative assistants 93.2%
    Medical assistants 92.7%
    Hairdressers, stylists, and cosmetologists 92.3%
    Dietitians and nutritionists 92.1%
  4. Which professions have the fewest women?

    Brickmason, blockmason, and stonemason jobs have the lowest rates for women. Only 0.7 percent of workers in these jobs are women. The same goes for drywall installers, roof tile installers, and metal and steel installers.

    Job Section of Female Employees
    Bricklayers, masons, and masons 0.7%
    Drywall installers, roof tile installers, and tapers 0.7%
    Iron and steel workers 0.9%
    Various automotive and mobile equipment, installers, and repairers 1.3%
    Bus and car mechanics are diesel engine specialists 1.5%
    Specialists in the maintenance of heavy vehicles and mobile equipment and mechanics 1.5%
    Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and installations 1.5%
    Installers and maintenance of electric cables 1.6%
    Civil engineers and other construction equipment operators 1.7%
    Loggers 1.8%


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