How do you recognize genuine Crocs?

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They’re back: the famous Crocs! They looked like Swedish clogs and that’s why many young people hated them in the early 00’s. But plastic shoes have really made a comeback. For example, the brand has a partnership with Balenciaga, so believe it or not, Crocs are selling like crazy again. Unfortunately, that popularity has also meant an increase in the number of fake Crocs. Do you want to make sure that you are buying genuine Crocs? Then discover how you can recognize genuine Crocs.

How do you recognize genuine Crocs?

It often happens that a well-known (designer) brand is faked. Very annoying of course, especially when you paid a lot of money for it and the quality is much worse. That’s why it’s so useful to know how to recognize genuine Crocs. Turns out your new pair of Crocs no meets any of the following characteristics, unfortunately you have purchased a pair of fake Crocs.

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1. Crocs are not manufactured in every country

Crocs are only produced in China, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam and Bosnia. So you can assume that your Crocs are fake if they are not manufactured in one of the countries mentioned above.

2. Crocs company letters

Crocs never mixes upper and lower case letters in logos. Or the logo is written exclusively in capital letters or in lowercase. For example, if the Crocs logo on your new pair prints as ‘Crocs’, you have unfortunately received a pair of fake Crocs.

3. Unique barcode and label

Each Crocs model has its own unique barcode. Enter the product code below the barcode on the official Crocs website. If you don’t see any results, Crocs is unfortunately fake. Plus, Crocs always come with a label. The label is on one of the two shoes (which size doesn’t matter) and the label contains information about the size, country of manufacture, model, material, etc. With fake Crocs, this label is missing or only the size is listed. .

4. Crocodiles do not smell

Crocs are made of Croslite, a lightweight plastic material which is a form of PCCR (Proprietary Closed Cell Resin). So it’s not rubber or plastic. Plus, Croslite is odorless. As soon as you put your new Crocs in and they smell like rubber or plastic, you know it’s not right.

5. Crocs logos

One of the most important features by which you can tell whether a pair of Crocs is genuine is the famous alligator logo. Crocodiles always have six humps, of which the fourth (counting from above) is the largest. In addition, crocodiles have two legs with 3 toes each. The logo is also always printed on the button with a real pair of Crocs, whereas with fake Crocs it is a sticker on the button.

6. The one and only

Genuine Crocs always feature the Crocs logo and measurements in the midsole. The Crocs website is always printed on one side of the sole and on the other side of the sole it says ‘boulder, colorado’ in lower case (never in mixed or capital letters), without periods and spaces.

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