How healthy are Crocs?

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Many people feel it is important that their shoes not only look good, but also feel good. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many people Crocs walk. Health workers in particular swear by plastic shoes. But how healthy are Crocs really? OK, you could easily walk on them all day long, but is it great for your feet or is it actually quite upsetting? Do the advantages of Crocs outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa? We’ll tell you on this blog!

How healthy are Crocs?

Actually, there is no clear answer to this. Yes, Crocs do have many advantages, but that does not mean there are no drawbacks. How healthy Crocs are for you is primarily related to any health problems you may have and the activities you want to do with Crocs. If you know yourself that you need a lot of leg support, Crocs are not the right fit. If you’re just looking for a shoe that’s comfortable to walk in, then Crocs are a great option.

How do Crocs work?

Crocs are made of a special material called: Croslite. It is a plastic material and therefore not rubber or plastic as is often thought. The advantage of Croslite is that it’s lightweight, so loafers don’t weigh too much on your feet. Crocs weigh an average of only 150 grams. You can imagine many people in the health sector who love Crocs, because they can walk comfortably all day. Crocs don’t just go very smoothly, the cushioning in the sole stimulates blood circulation in your feet. This way you are less likely to suffer from sleeping feet. Also, Crocs are perfect for people with wide feet. The fit is wider than other shoes, so it’s less prone to squashing.

Benefits of Crocs

We’ve already mentioned one of Crocs’ greatest strengths: wearing comfort, but Crocs have a lot more to offer. Thanks to the Croslite material, loafers are not only lightweight, they’re also antibacterial. So you can safely wear loafers barefoot, without fear of athlete’s foot. Plus, your feet can be well ventilated thanks to the ventilation holes, thereby reducing the chance of your feet sweating. Are your Crocs dirty? Wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done. Finally, you can quickly and easily put loafers on and off, which is always nice.

Cons of Crocs

Despite having many advantages, Crocs also has a number of disadvantages. For example, loafers provide little support in the heel, so you overbalance your toes. To get extra grip, you are holding the ground with your toes. This can lead to inflammation and nail problems in the long term. Therefore, it is very important that you don’t wear your Crocs for more than 8-10 hours a day. Crocs are also not suitable for very intensive activities, because of their wide size. If your feet are cramped, loafers are less secure around your feet, allowing you to trip or fall more quickly.

Wear Crocs or not?

So it totally depends on how long you will be wearing Crocs in a row, what activities you will be doing with them and what they will benefit your feet. A trip to the supermarket is fine and even for a weekday in the hospital, Crocs are just right. On the other hand, if you’re going out all day walking around in the dunes, for example, then wearing Crocs is not recommended. Even if you plan to wear Crocs for more than 8-10 hours in one day, you run the risk of developing foot complaints.

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