How Many Cars Are in the US? – Which ones

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There are 289.5 million vehicles in the US. This number includes all cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other medium and heavy vehicles registered as of December 2021. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of vehicles in the US has changed by 0.91%.

In the 10 years between 2012-2021, more than 40.8 million vehicles were registered in the US, a total increase of 16.4%.

traffic in the United States 2012-2021

A year Vehicle Number
2021 289.5M
2020 286.9M
2019 284.5M
2018 279.1M
2017 270.4M
2016 264 m
2015 257.9M
2014 252.6M
2013 248.9M
2012 248.7M

How Many Households in the US Own a Car?

About 109.41 million households in the US own a car. 33.5% of American households own one car, 33.1% own two cars, and 14.9% own three cars. With only 8.9% of US households owning a car, it is much more common for a household to have multiple cars than to have no cars at all.

number of cars per household in the United States

How Many New Cars Are Sold Every Year in the US?

About 15.5 million vehicles are sold each year in the US While the pandemic has had a significant impact on new light vehicle sales in the US, 2021 will be a major comeback for the US auto industry.

New car sales in the United States 2012-2021

While the 15.2% drop in car sales from 2019-2020 was impressive, the 6.9% increase in car sales from 2020-2021 leaves plenty of room for hope.

Other US Car Statistics FAQ

  1. How does the average American spend a day?

    Most Americans drive 39 miles a day. The US Federal Highway Administration found that the average American drove 14,263 miles in 2019 which, divided by the 365 days of the year, leaves us with 39 miles per day.

  2. How many licensed drivers are there in the US?

    There are 234,895,000 licensed drivers in the US From 2012-2021, the number of licensed drivers in the US increased at a rate of 1.1%.

    number of licensed drivers in the United States 2012-2021

  3. How many cars are there per person in the US?

    There are 0.88 cars per person in the US Note that this is based on population, not just adults or licensed drivers. There are 1.23 cars per licensed driver in the US

  4. How many cars are built in the US each year?

    About 8.8 million cars are manufactured in the US each year. The number of cars produced in the US over 2020 has decreased by 23.3% compared to 2019, but with demand returning strongly, production should return to normal.

  5. A year Manufactured Vehicles
    2020 8,822,399
    2019 10,880,019
    2018 11,314,705
    2017 11,189,985
    2016 12,198,137


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