How Many Women Work in Big Tech? – Which ones

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About 24% of people working in “big tech” are women. This is based on the fact that approximately 24% of technical jobs in the GFAM group of companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft) are held by women. This is surprisingly low, but it is actually comparable to the global employment rate for women in technology.

Overall, women hold 26.2% of computer-related jobs in the US, down from a peak of about 31% in 1990. layoffs, layoffs, or layoffs.

For the analysis, we divided the data in the following ways:
Important Statistics
Representation of women in major technology companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft -- GAFAM)

Among the GFAM companies, Amazon has the highest representation of women in the workforce at 45%. However, they do not report numbers on the level of women in tech jobs in particular, and only 29% of Amazon’s leadership positions are held by women.

Microsoft has the lowest number of women’s jobs in all sectors: both, in leadership positions, and technical jobs. Only 29% of Microsoft’s employees are women, 26% of its leaders, 23% of its technical staff.

Although Google has the highest percentage of women in current positions among GFAM companies at 25%, it also has the second lowest percentage of both women (33%) and women in positions (28%).

These figures are also confirmed by personal experience. 72% of women working in tech say they are outnumbered by men in meetings by a ratio of 2:1, with many others reporting a greater difference.

Key Figures of Women in Big Tech

  1. Are tech CEOs women?

    15% of tech CEOs are women. Considering that 37% of tech roles are held by women and 19% of senior VPs at tech companies are women, it’s clear that there is a gender gap at every stage of career advancement in tech.

  2. What percentage of professional degrees are held by women?

  3. 49.7% of professional degrees are held by women. This includes all bachelor’s degrees in the STEM field. With only 25% of computer-related jobs held by women, very few STEM graduates start or stay in a career in technology.

  4. How many women are in the tech industry?

    About 1.5 million women work in the US tech industry 26.2% of computer and math jobs (IT jobs, programming, software and web development, etc.) are held by women, according to the latest BLS numbers.

  5. With 5,688,000 Americans in such occupations, we are left with approximately 1,490,256 women in technical occupations.

  6. What is the gender ratio in the tech industry?

    The ratio of men to women in the technology industry is about 3:1. This is based on the fact that only 25% of computer and math jobs in the US are held by women. If we take a closer look at the technology industry to include non-tech industries to technology industries, the ratio approaches 2:1.

    No matter how you measure it, men outnumber women in the tech industry.


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