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52.1% of Lawyers in the United States are women. This is 0.8% more than last year. In addition, the number of female lawyers has increased by 4.8 percent since 2010.

share of female lawyers in the United States 2010-2019

This means that there are 9,815 female lawyers in the US and 9,362 male lawyers in the United States. Note that this only covers the 18,837 people with the title of Lawyer and does not include similar titles.

Percentage of Female Lawyers by Year

A year Women Lawyers Male Lawyers Percentage of Female Lawyers Percentage of Male Lawyers
2019 9,814 9,022 52.1% 47.9%
2018 9,663 9,173 51.3% 48.7%
2017 9,757 9,079 51.8% 48.2%
2016 9,776 9,060 51.9% 48.1%
2015 9,757 9,079 51.8% 48.2%
2014 9,248 9,588 49.1% 50.9%
2013 9,230 9,606 49.0% 51.0%
2012 9,098 9,738 48.3% 51.7%
2011 9,060 9,776 48.1% 51.9%
2010 8,909 9,927 47.3% 52.7%

In addition, female lawyers are less likely than male lawyers. The average age of a female lawyer is 41, while the average age of a male lawyer is 44.4.

Although the majority of US Attorneys are women in 2022, there are some professions that are dominated by men. For example, 72% of Patent Attorneys are men. On the other hand, some Lawyer jobs are run by women. 76% of Complaints Examiners, for example, are women.

ratio of female to male attorneys in the United States

Like most professions, there is a gender pay gap among lawyers. The median male attorney earns an annual salary of $123,917, while the average female attorney earns $115,365, meaning that male attorneys make 7.4% more than female attorneys.

Are You Lucky For Women FAQs?

  1. Are Lawyer jobs for men or women?

    The legal profession is dominated by women, but to a limited extent. 52.1% of lawyers are women and 47.9% of lawyers are men in the United States.

  2. What percentage of law graduates are women?

    52.4% of law school graduates are women, according to recent data. This is a significant increase from 1970, when only 8.6% of law school graduates were women.

  3. Are women a minority in law?

    Yes, women are a minority in law. Only 22.7% of those in the US law firm are women. Even the largest law firms with the largest number of women in the country have only 33.2% women.

  4. How has the number of female lawyers changed over time?

    The number of female lawyers has increased by 10.1% since 2010. In 2010, there were 8,910 female attorneys and the most recent data shows that there are 9,814 female attorneys in the US.