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Karndean has reimagined its Night Tile range, adding over 30 new finishes. From iconic parquet effects to minimalist stone – there’s something for everyone. They have expanded their offerings to include glue down and rigid core patterns, giving you even more options.

In addition to brand new styles, they’ve also added their top 10 bestselling glue down decors in a rigid core format.

Not sure if glue down or hard core is the right hardwood floor for you? Find out what the differences are and the pros and cons of each.

What is hard core?

This special board structure is ideal if you have an uneven subfloor, are a renter, or want a DIY installation. The boards lock easily and can be easily removed without damaging the subfloor.

Not only will you save money by installing it yourself, but a Karndean Rigid Loc floor is actually 30% faster to install than its glue-down counterpart.

What is glue down vinyl?

As the name suggests, glue down vinyl is a luxury vinyl flooring that is fixed to a perfectly flat and dry subfloor using an adhesive. If you want the flexibility to customize your floor and add design stripes, or mix the laying pattern. These looks can be achieved with stick-down vinyl – something that isn’t possible with rigid folk versions.

Once you’ve figured out which installation method suits you best, it’s time to choose a color and style. Karndean Knight Tile ranges feature an array of stone, wood and parquet effect vinyl floors so we’re sure you’ll find the vinyl floor of your dreams.

Looking for the iconic herringbone? The range includes a new wood inspired herringbone, as well as two new stone effect parquet vinyl floors – you can even mix and match for a color design.

Or maybe you’re a fan of keeping it minimal. Their new marble and stone finishes come in an array of luxurious shades, perfect if you want to be on-trend with the current stone interior craze.

They of course have many signature wood inspired designs, ideal if you want the beauty of a real wood floor – but with the benefits of Karndean vinyl. From distressed character styles to prime-grade inspired cleaner looks, they have the perfect floor for everyone.

The possibilities are endless with Karndean Night Tile. Not sure which style would be best? Why not try our room visualizer tool so you can see how each floor in your home will look or order your free samples today.