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When creating a room with a coastal beach-hut feel, the flooring you choose plays a big role. As our flooring expert Michael says in this Ideal Homes article, ‘wood is really the only way to go with flooring if you want to nail the coastal theme’.

A weathered oak effect floor gives a truly authentic worn look that you would find in a coastal home. Karndean Night Tile Arctic Driftwood embodies this perfectly, giving your room an element of character and interest, but without the maintenance of a real wood floor.

If you want to opt for a real wood floor, lightly stained character oak planks are ideal – like Kahrs Da Capo Oak Indossati. Each board is unique and features a cracked and textured brushed finish designed to compliment your coastal haven inspired room decor.

If you want a coastal inspired space but stay on-trend, choose gray driftwood effect laminate. Chronospan Vintage Blackwater Oak works perfectly, and will compliment most interiors, but especially stylish grey.

If you want to break up a space, a rug is ideal for adding another element of texture. Adornets Geo rug has a diamond pattern that will really compliment your wooden floor. Or maybe you want to add more coastal blue to your room – a grindstone rug works great for this, featuring a mix of blues and textures.

Learn more about creating your perfect coastal haven in the Ideal Homes article, and feel free to see how our floors will look in your room before you buy with our room visualizer tool.