Patrick’s Route – Allroad

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From roofer to bus driver, it’s quite the transition. Patrick van Spaendonk (46) can relate to that. He worked as a roofer for 21 years, but when all kinds of physical ailments arose, he began to look further. Then the profession of a bus driver approached him. Just over two years ago he started his training program at Allroad and graduated with flying colors. Since then he has had a great time at Arriva Tilburg.

“Through my brother-in-law, who has worked for Arriva for thirty years, I was offered to become a bus driver. I first walked with the idea for another year before I actually took action”, Patrick started the conversation. His employer had to swallow hard when Patrick told him after 21 years of faithful service that he was going to do something else. “We feel that Messi will leave,” said his employer. But the prospect of having to do that kind of physical labor for another twenty years was overwhelming for Patrick. So he turned to being a bus driver. “I should have done it 21 years ago! Just mentally different. At first it was just physical hard work, now it’s mental work.”