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Polyflor has released a new range to expand its SPC LVT portfolio. These stone polymer composite floors are designed to be stronger and more durable than their traditional luxury vinyl tile counterparts.

Polyflor Camaro RigidCore vinyl floors are perfect for almost any landscape. Due to the rigid board structure and built-in underlay, this floor can be installed over most existing subfloors without any problems. It also has 5G press-fit technology, so if you’re DIY-able, this is an ideal project for you.

Polyflor has given you a lot of choice, as the range includes herringbone, plank and tile designs. The embossed surface helps the floor look and feel more natural, and each floor includes a microbeveled edge to add extra definition between planks.

From realistic terrazzo stone effect to trendy gray wood effect herringbone parquet. The options are endless. All shades available at Herringbone Parquet can also be purchased as a plank, so you can really customize your space.

Along with surface embossing, the boards are finished with PUR (Polyurethane Re-inforcement), which gives the boards scratch and stain resistant properties. It is also 100% waterproof, and suitable for underfloor heating.

Polyflor is being environmentally conscious with this new release as its 100% recyclable, and each floor contains 15% recycled content. These floors are also low VOC certified, meaning they are better for both the environment and your home.

Like the sound of this new vinyl range? Why not order a sample, and see how they would look in your home with our room visualizer tool. And remember, our flooring experts are just a call away if you need us!

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