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Richard has lived in the Netherlands for about 1.5 years. He was born in South Africa and then moved to England. There he worked as a bus driver in London. Richard wanted to be more flexible and decided to get his truck driver’s license. With a driver’s license in his pocket, he heads to Spain to work there. Unfortunately, the corona crisis has him working hard and there is no job for him. That took him to the Netherlands, where he was able to work as a truck driver through the Allroad.

Richard came to Holland with one goal: to make money. His wife is studying in Poland and plans to return to Spain together after completing her studies. “I thought a few months ago: I will return to Spain. Then I will find a job there. My whole life is there. But, I can sit out there in the sun and earn less, or earn well here for a while and then come back.” Then Richard chose the latter.