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54 year old Marco was born and raised in Zeeland. On meeting his current wife, who is from Brabant, he moved to Brabant. There he plunged into fishing, where he started as a courier for a large fishmonger and eventually grew into a responsible man. Three years ago the company was sold and Marco ended up at UWV. Because of his experience in logistics, they suggested he get his truck driver’s license. And it looked like something to him!

“I have approached various transport companies to see if it is possible to get my driver’s license and come and work there, but it has been difficult. Then I found Allroad, because Allroad has its own driving school,” said Marco. Marco got his C license through the Dekker driving school. “I really enjoyed studying, knowing that as soon as I passed my driver’s license, I could immediately start working at Allroad. I have a day with Van den Heuvel Transport and I can start there the next day.” Both parties liked him so much that Marco was taken over by Van den Heuvel after six months.