Take advantage of amazing discounts during the SuperSales weekend on April 9 and 10!

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The whole weekend is dedicated to good discounts and offers: put it SuperSales weekend 2022 but already on your agenda! On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April you can score lots of discounted products! Where? On the largest fashion price comparison site in the Netherlands, of course!

What is SuperSales Weekend?

In September 2021 we are holding our SuperSales Weekend for the first time. Why? Because we love a good promotion and are happy to share it with you! Due to the huge success of SuperSales Weekend, we are holding a second edition on April 9 and 10, 2022! During this weekend you will benefit from very good offers with our partners. The approach is simple: participating stores offer discount promotions through SuperSales and you just have to shop from the comfort of your chair. A piece of cake right ;)?

Which stores participate in SuperSales Weekend?

Can’t wait until April 9 and 10 to see where you can get a discount? Then this is the place to come in the coming weeks. Get ready, because here you can read exactly which stores are participating in the SuperSales Weekend!

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Why can’t I miss SuperSales Weekend?!

Of course we can make it more beautiful than ever, but SuperSales Weekend is one event you definitely don’t want to miss. High discount for the weekend, do we need to say more? After all, we’ve listed a few more reasons for you!

  • During SuperSales Weekend you will receive discounts on many products. From clothes and shoes to bags and even beauty products. Even if it’s just a pair of socks, it’s nearly impossible not to buy anything during a weekend of SuperSales!
  • Most stores offer discounts on new collections during SuperSales Weekend. Bring on that new wardrobe!
  • There are several stores participating in SuperSales Weekend. There are always shops selling your favorite brands at a discount.
  • You will only receive the discount during April 9 and 10. After SuperSales Weekend you can shop for the same products again at the regular price.