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Sun, sea, beach and bikini swimsuit! Swim trunks come in all shapes and sizes: from the famous tight Speedo to ultra wide shorts and from long to short swim trunks. Therefore there is something for everyone. Whatever you choose: cheerful prints, or stylish solid colors, one swimsuit it should be comfortable and fit your style. Of course you want to make the most of it on the beach or in the pool and therefore it can be difficult to choose a swimsuit that suits you. To make things easier for you, here are 15 of the coolest swimwear brands!

Versace swimsuit #1

The Italian brand Versace is not only known for its logo, Medusa’s head, but also very popular for its beautiful clothes. Cheap is different, but with items from Versace you immediately get quality. In a Versace swimsuit, you impress everyone and show that you know what luxury is.

Rock Island swimsuit #2

Italian brand Stone Island is very popular among young people and for good reason! Apart from being durable, this brand’s clothing is also super stylish and has a military touch that makes you look cool right away. And who doesn’t want that?! In a Stone Island swimsuit you not only look super cool, you’re showing that you think it’s important not to go mainstream.

#3 Calvin Klein swimwear

I’m Calvin, you’re Klein. American brand Calvin Klein gained popularity through its underwear campaign. Who doesn’t remember Kate Moss’ iconic photo?! This brand is characterized by a minimalist style that suits everyone, whatever your taste. Calvin Klein is distinguished not only by its distinctive design, but also by the use of materials and fabrics that remain beautiful for a long time and are durable. And it’s no different from Calvin Klein swim trunks; this classic beach You will enjoy for years to come.

Speedo swimsuit #4

Speedo is a swimwear brand that rings a bell with most people. The brand is well known and many top swimmers have won multiple Olympic medals, thanks in part to the Speedo swim trunks. Speedo uses only the best designs and the best quality materials to make their swimwear. This way you go through the water like a rocket!

Swimsuit #5 Dsquared2

Bright colors, unique prints and large text: these are the characteristics of the Dsquared2 brand. Canadian fashion designer brand and twin brothers Dan and Dean Caten have taken the world by storm in a short period of time through their contemporary designs and high-quality clothing. On the beach or in the pool you will be cooler in the Dsquared2 swim trunks.

Ralph Lauren swimsuit #6

Ralph Lauren stands for chic and luxury. Not only have the American brand’s clothing been hugely popular over the years, swim trunks are also a frequent sight during luxury sun breaks. Logical, because the swimwear is made with the same quality as other Ralph Lauren items. A Ralph Lauren swimsuit will last for years without fading or wearing out.

Burberry swimsuit #7

When you think checks, you think Burberry. The classic British brand has been in business for over a century and everyone knows its icons check haymarket: a camel-colored diamond pattern with red, white and black stripes. Show that you love class and style with Burberry swimsuits that are a real eye-catcher!

Moncler swimsuit #8

The Italian brand Moncler coat has become a fixture in the street scene. This is not surprising, because the brand not only makes things that are super comfortable, but also look very stylish. And this goes for Moncler swim trunks too: they are made from the finest fabrics and have a complicated appearance, which makes it comfortable to wear and match any style. It’s not cheap, but you can be sure you’re getting real luxury.

Nike swimsuit #9

Of course Nike can’t be left off the list! This brand doesn’t just make great sneakers and comfortable workout clothes, but also swimwear like swim trunks. The quality of Nike swimwear is exactly what you’d expect from the brand: amazing, so they last. Whatever style you choose, from cool board shorts to sport swim trunks, Nike swim trunks always fit and match your sporty lifestyle.

Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit #10

Tommy Hilfiger is on many fashion lists and the American brand is also a part of the list when it comes to swimming trunks. The distinctive red, white, and blue logo adorns many items and is especially eye-catching at the beach. Whether you have a trendy or classic style, Tommy Hilfiger swim trunks are a must have for your summer wardrobe!

Bjorn Borg swimsuit #11

A good swim trunk is one that is so comfortable that you barely feel it when you put it on. Enter Bjorn Borg’s swimsuit! This brand’s swim trunks are hugely popular and not just for their cool prints. They are also very tasty and have been for years hotter than hot. Whether you like simple styles or prefer to wear a bold eye-catcher: at Bjorn Borg you’re sure to find a swimsuit to suit you!

Hugo Boss swimsuit #12

If you say Hugo, you say Boss. If you like classic style without too much fuss, but it’s there classy If you want to catch up, you’ve come to the right place at Hugo Boss. Not only underwear, Hugo Boss swimming trunks are also known to fit very well and are of high quality. The good thing is that Hugo Boss swim trunks are quite affordable and you still get a bit of exclusivity at home. Win win!

#13 O’Neill swim trunks

O’Neill is the world’s oldest surfing brand and has been making must-have swimwear for decades. Whether you’re hitting the beach, relaxing in the jacuzzi or spending the afternoon at the pool, in an O’Neill swimsuit you exude a trendy surfer look. This brand has a very wide range: from long board shorts to shorts and from playful prints to solid colors. There are many options!

#14 Super dry swimsuit

The Superdry brand is very popular and now it is impossible to imagine a street scene without it. It is this amazing quality and combination of British style with American and Japanese prints that has made this brand so popular. And Superdry swim trunks are also often seen on the beach! It’s logical, because the brand’s sporty swim shorts go with many styles and are extremely comfortable. You can choose from solid colors, bold prints, and long and short shorts. We bet you’re going to make a splash with these super cool Superdry swim trunks this summer?!

Vilebrequin swimsuit #15

Vilebrequin swim trunks are far from cheap, but you get one that is unique and super chic. The brand uses fabrics with the most playful prints, so every swimsuit is the real thing feel goodfactor has. The fit of the Vilebrequin swim trunks is, in a word, great. For example, the ring on the back prevents your swimsuit from accidentally swelling in the water and the style is a bit wide, making it comfortable to wear. Well, it costs a little, but then you also have something.