this is how you can dress your best during tropical temperatures!

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The sun is shining, the tropical temperatures are warm and you prefer to travel as little as possible clothes on. Unfortunately, being naked on the street isn’t an option, but what clothes are appropriate for a heat wave? Deciding on clothing choices is difficult enough, especially when the temperature goes past 30 degrees. We’ve got you covered: this outfit is best worn in warm weather!

What fabrics in hot weather?

In winter you might wear a warm woolen sweater to keep warm, in summer you look for cooling material. You probably already know that leather skirts or synthetic dresses don’t fall into that category, but what materials keep you cool? Summer clothes made from this fabric are ideal for warm weather!


Cotton clothing is one of the warm weather favorites. This fabric is known for its breathability and hardly absorbs heat. Ideal for keeping you cool on hot days. Another nice extra: the cotton wicks away moisture, so you’re less likely to develop those pesky sweat spots. Hence, cotton tops should not be missing in your summer wardrobe.


Linen is a true summer fabric and is perfect for keeping you cool. The fabric allows air to pass through and absorbs moisture, which makes linen perhaps the coolest fabric on this list. This summer fabric is also widely used in men’s and women’s suits so that you can go to the office in comfort and space. The only downside to linen clothing is that they crease quickly and you almost always have to iron them.


Luxurious silk clothing, maybe not cheap, but very cold in warm weather. The smooth, soft fabric gives you a flowing feeling and feels silky smooth against the skin. Please note that you are buying real silk garments and not a fake version of synthetic fabrics.

What color to wear in hot weather?

Most people say that you look cooler in white and light than in dark colors like black and blue, but is this true? Opinions are divided on that!

According to a study by the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, dark colors do absorb more heat than light colors. White shirts provide more coolness because white light reflects sunlight. Clothing with bright colors are also said to retain more heat. For example, a bright yellow shirt will make you cooler than a light yellow shirt. For those looking for reasons to buy new clothes, old clothes offer less protection than new clothes. Happy shopping!

Another study claims that it doesn’t matter whether you wear light or dark clothes. During the experiment, a man stood for half an hour in a white robe in full sun (at 46 degrees Celsius!), and then for half an hour in a black robe. And guess what; the man becomes as warm in a white robe as in a black one! According to this study, it makes no difference whether you wear white or black in warm weather and you can wear both colors without worry.

What clothes are suitable for warm weather?

A tight dress may look elegant, but we don’t recommend it in tropical temperatures. Because the cloth falls tightly on your body, it quickly sticks to your body. As a result, you will sweat excessively. This also applies to all tight clothes that are better left in the closet during warm weather. Choose clothes that are wide and airy to appear as cold as possible.

Suits maybe? Or cover it up?

You may tend to wear as little clothing as possible in hot weather, but it’s actually better to cover your entire body in airy, light clothing. We understand that you want to show off your sun-kissed legs when the weather is warm, but when the sun hits your skin directly, your body warms up. By covering it with (light) clothing, you protect your skin and prevent your body temperature from rising.

This depends on the activity you will be doing. When drinking on the terrace, shorts or a short skirt with an airy top are perfect. Are you going out in the sun? Then try to cover your skin a little more with, for example, a long, airy dress or long, wide linen trousers.

Yes, trousers certainly work in warm weather. Wearing trousers ensures that the sun doesn’t hit your skin directly, so your body doesn’t overheat too quickly. In warm weather, choose airy pants made of cotton, linen or silk, for example.

Short summer dresses are always a good choice during the warmer days. You can of course also opt for a midi or maxi dress in warm weather. Then choose an airy dress made of, for example, cotton, linen or silk.

In summer, it is best to wear clothes made of cotton, linen or silk. It’s a lightweight, breathable and cooling fabric, making it perfect for warmer temperatures.

Clothing made of cotton, linen and silk is perfect for the intense heat. This fabric is breathable and nice and airy. Also, wide clothing is a good choice for fighting the heat. It sticks less to your body so your skin can breathe better.

In order to properly protect your skin from the sun and extreme heat, it is best to wear long, airy clothes. In addition, it is important that you always apply sunscreen to reduce the risk of skin damage.

At 30 degrees Celsius it quickly gets stuffy in the Netherlands. Therefore choose wide clothes made of cotton, polyester or linen.