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Many men wear them shirt to work without knowing what size they need. One tries to style it casually with jeans, the other combines it with a suit. But no matter how you combine the shirt, it’s still unsightly if your shirt size doesn’t fit. A shirt that is too tight will limit your freedom of movement and a shirt that is too big will look a bit sloppy. Do you want to know which shirt size fits you best? Never buy a shirt that’s the wrong size again, thanks to this handy shirt size chart!

Find the right shirt size

In order to know what size shirt you have, it is important to measure your body correctly. If you don’t know how long your sleeves are, then you don’t know how long your sleeves are. And if you don’t know your shoulder width, how do you know if your shirt is wide enough? When you wear a business shirt, you want it to fit properly and not too tight or too loose. That’s why we explain in four simple steps how you can best measure your size. So grab your measuring tape plus pen and paper and measure!

Measure the size of the board

Start by measuring your collar size. Your collar is also called your collar. Measure your neck with a tape measure. Place one finger between the measuring tape and your neck: this way you prevent the collar from being so tight that it nearly strangles you. Then read the centimeter number through the mirror and write it down on a piece of paper. Can’t read centimeters yourself? Then ask if someone can help you. For men who wear ties, it is very important to measure the collar size as accurately as possible. This way your clothes look very presentable. Not a tie fan? Then you may never wear your shirt down to the last button. In this case, a few inches of play on the board is not a problem.

Measure bust and waist size

Now that you’ve calculated your collar measurements, it’s time to measure your bust and waist. For bust measurement, measure with a measuring tape around the chest, at nipple level. Keep the measuring tape as straight and flat as possible. Do you have a wide chest and your shirt is often too tight? Then take a few centimeters of slack. Pay attention to your bust measurement and continue measuring your waist. Simply put: the narrowest part between your hips and your chest. If you have trouble determining where your waist is, you can lean to the left or right. Where your body bends, there is your waist! Wrap the measuring tape around your waist and also write down this circumference. For men with a narrow waist, we recommend a slim fit shirt. Do you have a wider waist or do you prefer your shirt to be a little wider? Then a regular fit shirt is more suitable for you.

Measure the sleeve length

To calculate arm length, it’s important to measure the arm in a straight line. It is best to ask someone to help you with this. Start with the measuring tape at the highest point where your arm meets your shoulder. You can also keep the seams on your shirt, which usually fall just above the shoulder sleeves. Make sure your arms stay horizontal and now measure from the starting point to the point where your arms would normally fall in your hands.

Measure the length of the back

Finally, measure your back length. Start with the measuring tape where your neck meets your back. Then measure from your neck to just above your hips. Most men tuck their shirts into their trousers, so we always recommend getting yours a little below your hips. If you prefer to let your shirt hang loosely at your waist, you can subtract a few inches from your measured back length.

Shirt size chart

You now have a piece of paper with all the measurements you need to find the right dress size. In the table below you can read which length belongs to which size.

Couple clothing size Board size Chest size Waist width sleeve length Back length
XS 40 35 82 67 64 76.5
42 36 86 71 64 77
S 44 37 90 65 64.5 77.5
46 38 94 79 64.5 78
m 48 39 98 84 65.5 78.5
50 40 102 89 65.5 79
L 52 41 106 93 66 79.5
54 42 110 97 66 80
XL 56 43 114 102 66.5 80.5
58 44 118 107 66.5 81
XXL 60 45 123 113 67 81.5
62 46 128 119 67 82
3XL 64 47 133 125 67 82.5
66 48 138 131 67 83
4XL 68 50 143 137 67 83.5
70 51 148 143 67 84

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