What are chinos? 5x outfits with chinos for men

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There are a few must-haves in every wardrobe: comfortable jeans, a nice white shirt, and chinos are not to be missed. It chinos it’s incredibly versatile, which makes it ideal for holidays and casual Fridays at the office. One thing we know for sure: chinos are here to stay! In this blog we tell you what chinos are and how to combine the perfect outfit with them.

What are chinos?

Chinos are pants that are usually made of sturdy cotton. The material ensures that these pants are very popular in spring and summer. Trousers also have the characteristic of two side pockets in the front and one or two welt pockets in the back. Sometimes the welt pocket also has a small button closure. Chinos have a fairly straight fit, with legs that are either straight or slightly narrower. These pants are very popular in colors like beige, khaki, and earth tones, but are also available in other colors. But it’s primarily the comfortable, sporty, sturdy, and clean look that chinos are truly famous for.

Originally chinos were worn in the army. The trousers were first seen in the British army, but were soon followed by the Americans. The fabric of the chinos gave soldiers ample freedom of movement and also exuded authority thanks to the formal fit. In recent times, chinos have become very popular among young people thanks to their durable materials and combination of chic and casual. Chinos were later replaced by jeans, but the trousers never really went away. Chinos have made a comeback, especially since the 2000s.

Chinos have become an indispensable part of the street scene and almost every brand has one in their collection. This is a piece of clothing that can be worn by both men and women. While women’s chinos are mainly trending right now, men’s chinos are an evergreen piece of clothing never our style is.

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5x outfits with chinos

Chinos are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever. But it’s also tricky: how do you really mix up chinos when you have so many choices? With these 5x outfit inspirations you will know exactly how to wear chinos in style!

#1 Beige chino outfit

Beige chinos are always great! It’s actually an all-time favorite among chinos. You combine it with a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual style. But you can also wear it for a day at the office impeccably with a jacket and a pair of shoes.

Slim fit chinos #2

Most chinos are regular fit, but slim fit chinos should also be mentioned. They’re just a little tighter on the leg and fit snugly against the thigh. Slim fit chinos are hot, especially when combined with a jacket of the same (earth) color.

Chino short outfit #3

Nice weather means short books! And you can do it in style with chino shorts. Chino shorts are a summer must-have and go great with a T-shirt and a pair of espadrilles or sneakers.

#4 Colored chinos

Beige or khaki chinos are too boring for you? Then choose a bold color! Red chinos are the real stars, but would you rather keep them a little simpler? Then gray chinos or navy chinos are just a little different!

Business chinos #5

It is this versatile character that makes chinos so popular. One day you wear it casually, the next you wear it to the office. For a business touch, pair chinos with a white jacket and blouse. Slip on a pair of shoes and you’re done ready for work!