What Are the Average PTO Days in America? – Which ones

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The average number of PTO days in America is 10 days per year. This is for all jobs in the private sector and does not include paid holidays (such as Thanksgiving and Labor Day). Sick days are often included in the company’s PTO policy. It also requires at least one year of service in the company.


  • The average PTO for someone who has worked for the company for 5 years is 1-99 employees and 13 daysbut for a company that has 100+ employees that number is increasing 16 days.

  • 92% about private companies employees of the companies they own 500+ employees have access to PTO, unless 64% about government and government employees of large companies that do.

  • 95% of employees in Financial Services and Manufacturing factories have access to PTO, compared to their own 43% about Rest and hospitality employees.

For the analysis, we divided the data in the following ways:
average pto days for private workers depending on length of service

Additionally, working at a larger location and/or working at the same location for more years is associated with more PTO days.

For example, those in private companies who have worked for the same company of 100+ employees for 20+ years enjoy 23 days of PTO each while those in private companies that have only been in the same company for 1 year are 1-99 employees. they have 9 days of PTO per year.

the approximate days of pto and the size of the installation

The number of PTO days in America is skewed, however, because 28 million Americans don’t get any PTO days at all. While you might think that small businesses are the biggest culprits for not offering PTO, it’s actually governments and municipalities that offer PTO plans at very low rates, regardless of the size of the establishment.

the proportion of workers who have access to pto and its size

While public sector employees have access to more PTO days, those who are paid often beat their private sector counterparts. A government employee with the same amount of time in an organization has between 1-2 more days of PTO each year than a private sector employee.

average pto days for civil servants and length of service

What Companies Have the Most PTO Days?

Economic activities and manufacturing industries have access to PTO days. 95% of employees who work for private companies in manufacturing or finance have access to paid vacation.

At the lowest end, the rest and hospitality industry has the lowest probability of PTO days at just 43%. It is the largest margin between the companies described – sales, transportation, and utilities – which gives 81% of its employees PTO days.

Companies Employee Shares and PTO Earnings
Financial transactions 95%
Creation 95%
More information 90%
Education and health services 82%
Construction 82%
Professional services and business 81%
Sales, transportation, and utilities 81%
Other services 73%
Rest and hospitality 43%

Average PTO Days in the United States FAQ

  1. How common is PTO per year?

    10 days of PTO per year is normal, if you work in the private sector and have worked with your employer for at least one year. In general, the number of PTO days an employee receives each year is related to how many years they have worked for their employer, whether they work in the private sector or through the government, and the companies they work for.

    The size of the company also plays a large role in the number of employees who get PTO days. Large companies (500+ employees) offer 92% of their employees PTO days, while small companies (1-49 employees) offer only 71% of their employees PTO days.

  2. Is 15 days of PTO good?

    Yes, 15 days of PTO is fine for most employees. If a company is advertising 15 days of PTO for new hires, this can be seen as a great opportunity and great attraction for talented candidates.

    On average, an employee must work for the same company for 5 years to increase their annual PTO days to 15 per year.

  3. Are sick days the same as PTO?

    No, sick days are not the same as PTO. However, many employers do not differentiate between sick days, vacation days, or non-work days for any other reason. In today’s workplace, most employers offer a number of PTO days that an employee can use for any reason they want – including sick days.

  4. How do I calculate my PTO?

    You calculate your PTO by dividing your annual PTO by the amount of pay you have each year. For example, if you are paid twice a week, you will have 26 payments each year. If you accrue 10 days of PTO per year, you will receive 3.08 hours of PTO every two weeks.

    Note that different companies may have different PTO accrual policies, so be sure to check with your HR department.


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