What do you put in your diaper bag? With this handy checklist, you’re all set!

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With a newborn, you may wonder what to take with you when you leave the house. Not only when you go on vacation, but on almost every trip. The tiny crossbody gave way to the practical diaper bag,where you can store all baby needs. Good preparation is half the job, so it’s best to have a full layette with you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit, but with these ten essentials you always have essentials for your baby with you in the diaper bag.

What to put in a diaper bag?

You want to leave the house with your baby without stress and worry, but you want to take all the essentials with you. That’s why it’s so useful to go through the list first with the most important items you should carry in your diaper bag. This way you can be sure that you have everything you need and you can leave your home with peace of mind.

Fill the diaper bag

Having a checklist is very useful. You can make the list as long as you want, but keep in mind that it has to actually fit in your diaper bag. To save you time and effort, we’ve created a checklist for you with the ten most important items to carry with you.

Diaper #1

We hear you think; ‘duh’, of course diapers are included in a diaper bag and that’s why this item is number one for a reason. You should always carry a diaper with a newborn and that won’t change for years to come. As long as your child isn’t potty trained, it’s a good idea to have (some) diapers with you at all times. How much exactly? It says one diaper for every hour you go out with a newborn, with toddlers this can of course be a bit less.

#2 Wet wipes

Or wipes in general. All moms will speak from experience when it comes to wipes. Baby spits up, often in the wrong direction, spills exactly where you don’t want it, and poops, regardless of whether the place and time suits you. Don’t skimp on tissues, you’re really going to need them, even if you don’t think you will. Even when your baby has grown into a toddler or preschooler, wet wipes are still an absolute must for any mess.

#3 Diaper bag

It’s been said above: babies don’t take into account time or place when carrying out their needs. Babies don’t usually choose the most ideal situation and therefore sometimes you also have to change smelly diapers outside the home. Thanks to the diaper bag you can clean dirty diapers right away and no one will be bothered by it.

#4 Changing mat

Opinions differ on this item; Did you put a changing mat in your diaper bag or not? For your baby’s convenience, we say yes! Most public changing facilities are made of tough materials and in most cases are not perfectly clean (with a few exceptions). To make changing your newborn as comfortable as possible, changing mats are a really smart invention. Your baby is much softer and less dirty.

#5 Set of clean and dry clothes

Wipes just aren’t enough in some situations, which means your baby’s clothes have to be reciprocated, too. There’s nothing worse than letting your baby wear dirty clothes all day; it is sad for your baby and also unpleasant for yourself because of the sour (spit) smell. Prepare for the worst, even if you think you’re only going to be away for a while, it’s best to bring an extra set of clothes with you.

#6 Medicines: paracetamol and baby ointment

Fortunately, once the child is sick, the complaints disappear again. When your child is suddenly sick, you want to act as quickly as possible. Therefore always keep a few paracetamol suppositories in your diaper bag. Better to carry it with you and never use it than to have your baby get sick and you be completely helpless. The same goes, of course, for the minimal bill.

#7 All for nutrition

Sleeping, pooping, and eating, that’s roughly the average daily rhythm of a newborn. As long as your baby is not potty-feeding, you should carry food in a diaper bag. In the case of bottle feeding, it is advisable to have a sufficiently sized container of powder with you, including a bottle, a thermos with hot water and a bottle of cold water. This way you can make formula milk for your baby wherever you are.

Breastfeeding is an easy story, you just need yourself for it. However, in this case it is wise to carry cloth (hydrophilic) and nursing pads in your diaper bag. It’s not always possible to breastfeed in private at all times, so bring a towel so you can also breastfeed in public if your baby requests it.

Around four months you can start with fruit and vegetable snacks. For the first two months it’s fine if you forget these when you go out for a day, but from six months it’s a good idea to have these types of food in your diaper bag.

#8 Spare pacifier

It can happen to you: losing your baby’s pacifier in the middle of a trip. Expect some drama for the rest of your trip. Your baby can’t be comforted anymore and you’re stressed out from all the crying. And while this hassle is very easy to prevent. To be safe, keep a spare pacifier in your bag. Happy baby, happy mom.

#9 Sunscreen

We all know by now how bad unprotected sunbathing can be and especially sunburn at a young age can be very harmful to the body. Therefore, sunscreen for your baby should never be missing from your diaper bag, even during the winter months. The sun is less bright in winter than during summer, but it is already strong enough for your newborn baby’s delicate skin. If you go outside, lubricate your baby well every two hours.

#10 Toys or stuffed animals

Babies love to explore. They are often sweet for hours with simple things like hugs, toys or books. So make sure you always have something like a baby resistant toy or cuddly toy with you at all times. When your baby is crying, this must-have item can really be your lifesaver. Whether you want to entertain your baby or try to distract him: toys or cuddly toys (almost) always work!