What is Havaianas Slim?

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Everyone who loves sandals has a pair Havaianas lying in the cupboard. Unlike other flip-flops, the Havaianas laces don’t suddenly come loose and you don’t slip off easily. They are perfect for the beach, but you can also wear them during the day with casual clothes. One of the most popular styles is the Havaianas slim: elegant flip-flops designed especially for women. We explain in this blog what the Havaianas Slim really is and why this model shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe.

What is Havaianas Slim?

Havaianas has a wide range of flip-flops including the Havaianas Slim. But what exactly sets this model apart from all other Havaianas sandals? Havaianas Slim is specially designed for women. The popular model has thin and elegant straps that perfectly fit every woman’s leg. Looking for a pair of colorful flip flops for narrow feet? Then we recommend you give Havaianas Slim a try!

Benefits of Havaianas Slim

The Havaianas Slim collection is the largest in the Havaianas range and one of the most popular models among women. Flip-flops come in most colorful designs and have a narrower footbed than regular flip-flops, which are ideal for women who have narrower feet. The straps are also narrower, so the larger parts of your feet get a nice tan. These sandals are made of a special rubber mixture that is heat-resistant and water-resistant. This way you’ll never burn the bottom of your feet in overheated sandals that you’ve left exposed to the sun for too long and you can easily walk into the water in them. It’s great fun on a pebbly beach or when the bottom of the lake is covered in rocks!

Havaianas slim woman

A day at the beach, at a campsite, or relaxing by the pool: Havaianas Slim is a great choice for your feet. You can easily take it off your feet and put it back on easily. Plus, these versatile sandals are available in the craziest colors and prints: from leopard print to glitter and from floral prints to bright neon hues. Thanks to their slim size, these sandals are very comfortable and fit well on the feet. Plus, the Havaianas Slim is incredibly lightweight, so you don’t have to lose unnecessary weight in a suitcase in heavy flip-flops. This way you can still fit that nice extra set in your suitcase!

Havaianas Slim girls

Even though your little one may prefer not to wear shoes at all in the summer, it is still important for them to wear something on their feet. There is a high probability that they are in broken glass or other sharp objects. Havaianas Slim sandals are the perfect solution for this! Flip-flops fit your child’s feet without pinching them. Apart from that, these sandals are available in cute Disney prints and glitter variants, among others. This is how they steal the show time and time again with their cool sandals on their boyfriends and girlfriends. But watch out, because before you know it, they won’t want to take off their sandals anymore?!

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