what is it used for and what are the benefits?

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A very expensive serum, a promising anti-aging cream or a remedy to get rid of dark circles? No, we’re just talking about rosewater, water that deserves a place of honor in every bathroom cabinet. Rose water is everything you’re looking for, but in one product. Besides its lovely aroma, rose water has a lot more to offer. But what do you use it for and what are the benefits? We tell you all about rose water!

What is Rosewater?

First things first, before you buy and use rosewater, you first want to know what it actually is. It’s simpler than you think: rose water is a liquid made from water and rose petals. Rose water is a natural product and contains no chemicals. It is often used in perfumes because of its sweet aroma, but rosewater also has many beauty, medicinal and culinary uses.

Although the hype around rosewater is fairly new, this amazing water has an ancient history. Rose water has been used for hundreds of years in Iran and other parts of the Middle East, originally for medicinal purposes. In the West, today rose water is seen as a solution to many beauty problems.

Rose water varieties

Rosewater contains roughly between 10 and 50 percent rose oil. From Middle Eastern tradition, rose oil is made only from Damask roses. Because roses give off very little oil, rose oil is very expensive. You can see it in rose water; the higher the concentration of rose oil, the higher the price.

Another type of rosewater is made from dried flowers, drying their buds and petals. This type of rose water is perfect for eating. If you want to use rose water in your diet, it is advisable to buy rose water made from dried flowers.

Benefits of rose water

Rose water is a versatile product and has a lot to offer. There’s hardly a beauty issue that you can’t use rosewater for. To give you a general idea of ​​what problems specific waters help with, here are the 15 greatest benefits of rose water.

#1 Rose water balances the PH value of your skin

#2 Stimulates blood circulation

#3 It helps soothe red skin

#4 Rosewater works against acne, eczema and skin inflammation

#5 Makes skin soft and hydrated

#6 Reducing stress and anxiety

#7 Rosewater kills bacteria

#8 Nourishes hair and gives softness and shine

#9 Gives freshness during the day

#10 Works against dandruff and irritated scalp

#11 Rose water is anti-inflammatory

#12 Has an anti-aging effect, softens lines and wrinkles

#13 Rose water contains vitamins A, B3, C, D, E and a number of antioxidants

#14 Strengthen the immune system

#15 Rose water has a calming effect

What do you use rose water for?

It is clear that rose water is good for your body, mind, skin and hair. All the benefits just mentioned provide many possibilities for using rose water. From hair spray to anti-aging creams, you can use rose water for this.

Rosewater against red skin

Red spots on the skin are a common beauty problem experienced by women and are often difficult to get rid of. Rose water offers the solution. As rose water soothes the skin, the red spots become less burning and you get a neutral complexion.

Rose water as an after sun

Lay out in the sun too long and get burned? Use rose water as an after sun. It cools and soothes burned skin.

Rose water as a facial cleanser and make-up

Remove make-up and clean your face with rose water. It removes all bacteria, moisturizes and makes skin soft. Since rose water is a natural product, no chemicals are used.

Rose water as hair spray

Let your hair shine and feel silky smooth by sprinkling rose water on your hair. Rose water is also recommended as a hair spray for those with dandruff and irritated scalp.

Rose water as a toner

Replace your toner with rose water. It leaves your skin calm, soft and hydrated. In this case, use the rose water in the same way as the toner; sprinkle a cotton ball with rosewater and apply it to your face, neck and décolleté.

Rose water as a face mask

You can make an amazing face mask with rose water. There are many recipes for face masks with rose water on the internet. Our favorites are the clay mask and cucumber mask. For the clay mask, mix the clay with rose water (that’s it!), and for the cucumber mask, mix cucumber juice with yogurt and rose water.

Rose water against bags under the eyes

No more dark circles under your eyes? Every woman knows how hard it is. And what kind of price tag is attached to a good anti-puffiness product. However, you can get the same effect with rose water. Moisten two cotton balls with rosewater and leave them on your eyes for 10 minutes. The next morning you are completely refreshed!

Rose water as bath oil

Rose water makes bathing very relaxing. To really unwind, relax, and leave your body feeling silky smooth, you can replace your bubble bath or bath oil with a little rose water.

Rose water as a binding spray

With rose water you no longer need to smudge your make-up at the end of the day. Spritz some rose water over your makeup as a fixing spray and your makeup is guaranteed to last all day. For extra refreshment throughout the day, you can repeat this process a few times.

Rose water as an aftershave

Tired of annoying red bumps after shaving? Rosewater soothes your skin and ensures fast disappearance of the bumps. Also recommended for men after shaving!

Rose water as perfume

That being said, the scent of rose water is very pleasant. The scent is often used in perfumes, but you can also use rosewater as a perfume in itself. Why buy expensive perfume when it smells as good as a little rosewater?!

Rose water in food

A beautiful exterior starts from the inside. To make you shine from the outside, you can add rose water to your food and/or drink. Mix rosewater with mineral water or make great cocktails with it. Make sure you choose a variant of rose water with dried flowers that is suitable for use in your diet.

Rose water as medicine

In the Middle East, rose water has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. This has not (yet) happened in the Netherlands. However, several studies have shown that rose water has a positive effect on various conditions. For example, rose water can help with:

  • Various eye conditions such as mucosal inflammation, dacryocystitis and cataracts
  • Sore throat and sore throat
  • Cleaning wounds such as scars, cuts and burns
  • Depression, anxiety and stress
  • Acne and eczema
  • Rose
  • Hypersensitive stomach
  • Constipation
  • Migraines & headaches

Before you start using rose water, we always advise you to consult your doctor and/or specialist first.

Rose water side effects

Even though rose water is a natural product and the risk of side effects is nil, there are always exceptions. To ensure that you are not allergic to rose water, you can test it before use. Put some rose water on your arm and see the results within 48 hours. Nothing happens? Then you can safely use rose water. Hypersensitivity reactions that occur are:

  • Itchy
  • Burning feeling
  • Redness/rash on the skin