What Percentage of Retailers Are Online? – Which ones

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13.2% of sales are online in the United States, as of 2021. This is down 3% from the forecast of 13.6% of US retail sales occurring online in 2020. In fact, at the peak of the pandemic in Q2 of 2020, 15.7% of US retail sales were online.

The share of online sales in the United States 2012-2021

What Were All the Online Sales Trends in 2021?

The total online sales in 2021 was $870.8 billion. That’s a 14.2% increase from all 2020 internet sales in the United States. However, overall sales will increase very quickly (17.9%) from 2020, so the overall share of online sales will be lower in 2021.

A year Total Sales (in billions) Ecommerce Sales (in billions) Online Sales Percentage
2021 $6.6T $870.8B 13.2%
2020 $5.6T $757.5B 13.6%
2019 $5.41T $578.5B 10.7%
2018 $5.25T $506.1B 9.6%
2017 $5.04T $443.2B 8.8%
2016 $4.85T $383.5B 7.9%
2015 $4.73T $338.2B 7.2%
2014 $4.64T $298B 6.4%
2013 $4.46T $261.6B 5.9%
2012 $4.3T $232.2B 5.4%

Online Shopping in the United States FAQ

  1. How has ecommerce grown over the past decade?

    Ecommerce has grown by 275% over the past decade.

    In 2012, annual ecommerce sales in the US stood at $232.2 billion; in 2021, $870.8 billion in US sales were online.

    Total ecommerce sales in the United States 2012-2021

    During the same period, total sales in the United States grew by 53.5%. Obviously, online sales are slowly starting to catch up with sales from traditional stores.

  2. What is Amazon’s ecommerce sector?

    About 37% of the United States ecommerce market is controlled by Amazon. This year, this number is expected to rise significantly, with estimates showing that the online shopping giant will account for nearly 50% of the ecommerce market.

    Online marketplaces, such as Amazon and its global competitor Alibaba, are global leaders in e-commerce. In terms of traffic, Amazon is the top ecommerce site, with about 2.45 billion monthly visitors and recording 5.2 billion visitors in June 2020.


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