What shoes are for wide feet? The best shoe brands & tips in a row!

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Just like in the fairy tale Cinderella, not everyone fits into the same glass slipper. Some feet are too big, too small or too wide. Fortunately, in everyday life we ​​can get too big and too small shoe solution by buying another size. But when your feet are slightly wider than average, finding the right fit can often be tricky. Until now. With these tips and the best shoe brands, buying shoes for wide feet is so much easier!

Shoe width

Just like your shoe size, there’s also a measurement for width. This is unknown to many, but if you have wide feet, it’s best to pay attention to this measurement. The width of the shoe is often indicated in a letter.

Width size Shape your feet
e Extra narrow legs
F Narrow legs
G Average leg
H Feet slightly wider
K Legs are wider
m Extra wide feet

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer brands offer shoes in different widths. Especially if you buy a pair of shoes online it is often not clearly stated. If you’re thinking about a pair of shoes, you can always check if the brand uses a different width. Otherwise, you will benefit a lot more from the tips below!

Types of shoes for wide feet

Just like every foot, not all shoes are the same. You can imagine that tight ankle boots without zippers and straps are less suitable for wide feet than comfortable sneakers. If you are going to buy a new pair of shoes for wide feet, it is best to choose this type. Success guaranteed!

  • Lace-up shoes.
    Thanks to the laces on the lace-up shoes, they are easy to adjust. Ideal if you have wider feet!
  • Lace-up boots.
    Boots are sturdy, but also comfortable for wide feet. You’re in the right place with a pair of lace-up boots!
  • Sneakers.
    Do we need to say more?! Young or old, wide or narrow feet, sneakers are a must!
  • Sandals with adjustable straps.
    Useful adjustable straps! It looks great and is easy to adjust to the width of your feet.
  • Velcro strap sandals.
    Thought Velcro was just for kids? Certainly not! Make it easy on yourself with Velcro slippers!
  • Sandals with elastic bands.
    We love elastic! Stretches well and is ‘one size fits all’. Exactly what you need if your feet are a bit wider!

Wide foot brand

Not all sandals fit Assepoester, in other words: not all shoe brands have the same fit. We know from several brands that they walk wider or they have shoes of a different width. If you have wide feet, you will likely find a perfect match with these brands.

Gabriel’s Shoes

Most Gabor shoes come in the standard size H, which means they fit normal to slightly wider feet. In addition, many shoes from this brand have removable soles, so you can easily fasten or loosen shoes with different soles. Gabor range is very diverse and you have also come to the right place for fashionable shoes.

Hassia shoes

Hassia shoes are always H wide which makes them perfect for wide-footed women. Comfortable wearing and a sporty look have made Hassia shoes popular. The footbed is removable, so you can always tighten or loosen shoes with different soles.

Peter Kaiser shoes

The Peter Kaiser brand is known for its versatile shoe collections with a classic look. Especially the Peter Kaiser pump which is a crowd favorite. Apart from being very comfortable, these shoes are also available in various width sizes. Part of their range is available in H widths. And lucky for you, they even have a number of pumps in a wider size!

Birkenstocks shoes

Birckenstock shoes are available every summer hot! Whether you opt for a pair of sandals or flip-flops, Birkenstocks are a must-have if you have wide feet. Most shoes come in two width sizes: narrow (closed-toe symbol) and normal (open-toe symbol). Regular fit often works well for those with wide feet, as most Birkenstock styles are wide. Also, you can usually adjust the instep with a buckle. But always check how the Birkenstock fits for the right shoe size!


Waldläufer shoes are not only comfortable, they also come in a variety of widths. Waldläufer shoes in H width are suitable for slightly wider feet, and K wide shoes are even available for wide feet. The range is diverse, so you can get sneakers, sandals or boots for wide feet at Waldläufer!


Ara has been a mainstream shoe brand for years, known for comfort and fit. The Ara shoe collection is diverse and is often described as a sporty classic. Ara has a line in H widths specifically for wide feet, making these shoes suitable for people with slightly wider feet.

Dos & Don’ts for shoes for wide feet

Measuring is knowing when buying shoes for wide feet! The only way to be sure they fit is to try them on. But you can also pay attention to the brand or type of shoes before buying. What exactly do you need well and what no do when buying shoes for wide feet? These are all the do’s and don’ts in a row!

Do not

  • Don’t buy shoes that are too small. You may be so focused on the width of the shoe that sometimes you forget that the length of the shoe also has to fit. If your shoes are too small, they won’t be comfortable in width either.
  • Don’t agree too quickly. Buy a pair of shoes only if they are really comfortable. Avoid excuses like ‘I’m going to break out’ or ‘that skin is going to stretch’. If your shoe doesn’t fit properly, it’s not the shoe for you.
  • Avoid pointy toe shoes. Pointed toes are narrow and usually don’t fit wide feet. Choose shoes with rounded or square toes, as your feet have more room here.


  • Buy a pair of shoes with an adjustable closure, such as laces or velcro. This makes it easy to adjust the shoe to the width of your foot.
  • Choose shoes made of leather (smooth) or suede. The skin molds to the shape of your foot, so the shoe fits snugly after a few wears.
  • Use shoes with a wide size. With shoes made specifically for wide feet, you are guaranteed the ideal fit.

Stretch shoes

Sometimes you like a pair of shoes so much that you buy them anyway. Even though you know they really aren’t. While we don’t outright recommend buying shoes that don’t fit properly, there’s always an emergency solution: stretch shoes. Making your shoes a little wider is often fine, but do you want to make your shoes wider? So we recommend that you first consult with the shoe maker if this is possible!