What shoes are under the dress? 5x clothing inspiration

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No outfit inspiration? You are always in the right place with dresses! It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees with lots of sun or -2 with fresh breeze. Today you can shop for the best dresses in a variety of fabrics, lengths and colors. So there is a dress for every occasion. But what kind of shoes do you wear underneath? Do you choose a pair of sneakers or a pair of pumps? How do you combine now shoe under the dress? With these 5 inspirational tips you can wear your shoes with a dress in style from now on!

Shoes under the dress: 5x outfit inspiration

Whether you wear a dress every day or only occasionally, matching it with the right shoes can be a challenge. Do you choose a pair of sneakers or a pair of pumps? Today there are so many dresses and shoes that the stress of choice increases. Luckily, it also allows endless combinations. From sneakers to cowboy boots and from shoes to sandals: there’s always a shoe that fits (you and your dress)?.

#1 sneakers under the dress

Our favorite shoes to pair with dresses are sneakers! Go for a sportier style to make your outfit a little more subtle or team your dress with platform sneakers for a cool look. In addition, sneakers are also super comfortable. This way you won’t have any problems with your feet at the end of the day.

#2 Long dress with cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are ideal for under dresses. You have them in all kinds: long, short, with colors or just neutrals. Cowboy boots complete your look. Pair a pair of long cowboy boots with a short dress for a cool look or choose a pair of short cowboy boots with a long dress. Also ideal: these great boots are perfect for both summer and winter!

#3 High heels under the dress

High heels may not be the most comfortable shoes to wear under a dress, but they give a classy look. Especially if you are going to a party or a chic event, a pair of beautiful high heels cannot be left out of your outfit. You can go as crazy as you want: go for a pair of stilettos for the wow factor, a pair of glitter heels for some glamour, or a pair of wedges if you don’t want to trip up.

#4 Shoes under clothes

Great for spring and perfect if you don’t like going barefoot: loafers! These trendy shoes look great not only with jeans and blouses, but also with your favorite summer dresses. Incidentally, you can wear great loafers under a dress in winter: tights or tights underneath and you’re done!

#5 Sandals and sandals under a summer dress

In the summer months, it’s time to get the sandals and flip-flops out of the closet. These shoes are very roomy and perfect for under a nice summer dress. You have sandals with or without heels, making them perfect for day or night. Are you planning to spend the day at the beach? Then sandals are a great choice. You take it off in one second, so you can walk barefoot on the beach.