What’s the difference between derby and oxford lace-up shoes?

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Clothes shoes make the man. Whatever your style, shoes make or break your clothes! You can, of course, wear an accent pair under a business suit or smart casual outfit, but there are many more options. If you really want to make an impression, Oxford and Derby lace are indispensable items in your shoe wardrobe. Both shoes fell to thenice men’s shoes‘ and matches perfectly with your suit or smart casual outfit. But what’s the difference between derby shoes and oxfords? We explain the differences and similarities, so you can quickly find out everything about these chic lace-up shoes!

What are oxford shoes?

Oxford shoes are a smart men’s shoe that you can wear perfectly to a formal event, such as a chic wedding or black tie event. You also look good in a business setting if you look presentable with a pair of Oxfords on your feet. You will immediately recognize oxford shoes if you pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The lacing is closed
  • Low heel
  • The ankles are visible

Covered laces mean the coverings through which the laces attach to the shoe. Once on the leg, the covering looks like a line and the tongue is not visible. These look very slick, but due to the closed lacing, oxfords are not very suitable for wide feet or feet with high insteps. Since the laces are tied to the top of the shoe, you have very little room to tie the laces properly. The laces should close neatly in a V shape. However, if you have narrow feet, oxfords are your go-to and the perfect finishing touch to your smart outfit.

What are derby shoes?

The Derby shoe is a neat lace-up shoe and the ideal shoe to wear to both formal and informal events. You immediately recognize derby shoes when you pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The rope is open
  • The flap where the straps are sewn is only on one side
  • Soles can be made of fine leather, but derby shoes with profile soles are also available

The open straps mean you can easily open the flap where the straps enter. The tongue is clearly visible and the shoe adjusts easily to the shape of your instep. Therefore, Derby shoes are perfect if you have wide feet or high insteps.

What’s the difference between derby and oxford lace-up shoes?

Both derby shoes and oxford shoes are must-haves in your shoe wardrobe. They are similar, but only slightly different. This is the difference between derby and oxford shoes.

  • Oxford shoes has a sleek design.
  • Derby Shoes has a more robust appearance.
  • Oxford have smooth leather soles.
  • Derby comes in many variants, both with smooth soles and profile soles.
  • Oxford shoes it was made of one piece of leather, so that the straps went over the instep. Lips barely visible.
  • derby shoes it has a loose fit where the eyelets are. When you tie the laces, it’s as if you are pulling on the lid. Lips remain clearly visible.