When can I wear shorts?

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When can I wear shorts is a big question you ask yourself every spring. Real Die-hards even walk around in shorts and T-shirts in the dead of winter, but most prefer to wait until the temperatures are a little more comfortable. If a sparrow falls from the roof, we don’t need to tell you that you have a shorts can handle, but the transition from spring to summer can be tough at times. After all, you don’t want to leave the house too cold (or too hot)! That’s why we tell you exactly when you can wear shorts.

When to wear shorts?

Exactly when you can wear shorts really depends on the weather. For most people, 20 degrees or more is enough to wear shorts. However, wind and precipitation also play a role. With high wind strength, the perceived temperature is often much lower, so the shorts become too cold. In case of precipitation, shorts may not be desirable, even if the temperature is high. After all, no one wants wet feet and legs! Therefore, the temperature may be fine, but you still prefer to wear long trousers.

While you don’t want to dress too cool, it’s true that a pair of bare feet is more manageable than a pair of bare shoulders. As long as your upper body is warm, your feet can withstand a lot in most cases. Especially at night, when the temperature drops, it’s better to bring a cardigan than trousers!

Did you know skirt day yet? On the first day of spring when the temperature rises above 20 degrees, countless women are wearing skirts. You guessed it: on this day you can also wear shorts!

When can I wear shorts?

If the temperature rises above 20 degrees, you can usually wear shorts. But besides the weather, personal preference and other circumstances also play a role. Someone with a cold will be less likely to pull their shorts out of the closet than someone who is always warm. That’s why you can also consider the following factors to see if you can wear shorts.

  • What time did you leave the door? Early birds who leave their homes at 6 a.m. might agree that it’s often not very pleasant. Especially in spring when it only gets warmer during the day.
  • Do you live inside or outside? If you sit in the air conditioner all day in the office, shorts can still feel too cold, even if it’s summer outside. Are you working in the sun all day and are you protected from the wind? Then you can safely wear shorts.
  • How do you travel? On cool spring mornings and evenings, the shorts are still quite cold when commuting by bike. If you jump right into the car, you’ll probably have less trouble with it.
  • Do you feel hot or cold quickly? One is always hot, the other is always cold. Dress according to how you feel, which is ultimately most comfortable for yourself. If you think the weather’s good enough for shorts, maybe that’s the case for you too. Don’t look too much at what other people are doing, do what makes you feel good!

Women’s shorts

Women’s shorts can be found in every wardrobe, but when exactly can you wear them? Women can simply follow the guidelines above, although there are plenty of alternatives for women too. Think maxi skirts or flared sheer pants. When in doubt, this garment offers more security as it covers your legs and stays roomy.

Boxer shorts

Shorts for men are an indispensable item for a summer wardrobe. Other than linen pants, there are few alternatives for men in warmer temperatures. Shorts are more likely to be pulled out of the closet in warm weather, as long jeans overheat quickly. For men, there are many choices of shorts. From chino shorts, to cargo pants to sweat shorts, there’s the ideal short for every occasion.