Which backpack as a handbag?

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Long lines to drop off your luggage and check in and then also wait to reach your reserved seat: going on holiday by plane isn’t always fun. To make it as easy for yourself as possible, you can make it as easy as possible for yourself. How? By taking a backpack as hand luggage! Direct backpack as a handbag no one bothers with this anymore! But which backpacks can you take as hand luggage and what do you pay attention to when buying a handbag? With our tips, we give you a carefree holiday.

Backpack as a handbag

If you are looking to buy a backpack to use as a handbag, you can pay attention to a few things. First of all what do you want to use the backpack for. Do you carry a carry-on backpack to replace your suitcase or do you want one in addition to your luggage (handbag) for all your on-board needs? Also, it is very important that the size meets the requirements of the airline you are flying with. If your backpack is too big, there’s a good chance you’ll have to pay extra to get your carry-on bag in the hold. That is of course a shame!

Many airlines also set requirements for the maximum weight of your hand luggage. For example, one company does not set a maximum weight requirement, while another imposes a maximum of twelve kilograms per person. And don’t forget: A backpack should also be functional and comfortable. If your backpack meets airline requirements, but is awkwardly arranged or doesn’t fit snugly on your back, it’s not going to be of much use to you during your trip.

How big is a backpack on an airplane?

Do you doubt whether the backpack you are thinking of can be carried as a tote bag in terms of dimensions? Check in advance which dimensions your airline uses. The required dimensions are different for each company. For a clear overview of the maximum dimensions and weight of your carry-on bag, see the table below.

flight company Handbag size in cm Maximum weight Additional information
Coredon 55x40x25 8kg 1 additional accessory such as a small handbag, baby bag or laptop bag is allowed (max. 40 x 30 x15)
easyjet 45x36x20 15kg Carry-on bags must be placed under the seat. Luggage measuring 56 x 45 x 25 is allowed in seats with extra legroom
KLM 55x35x25 12kg 1 additional accessory such as a small handbag, baby bag or laptop bag is allowed (max. 40 x 30 x15)
Ryanair 40x20x25 There is no maximum weight Carry-on bags must be placed under the seat. With priority ticket & 2 handbags for €8, an additional 55 x 40 x 20 hand luggage item with a maximum of 10 kg is allowed
Transavia 55x35x25 10kg 1 additional accessory such as a handbag, baby bag or laptop bag is allowed (max. 40 x 30 x 20)
flying tui 55x40x20 10kg 1 additional accessory such as a handbag, baby bag or laptop bag is allowed (max. 30 x 30 x15)

How many liters of a backpack handbag is useful?

When you’re traveling for a long time, you take more essentials with you and your backpack should be able to carry more content. That’s why you can pay attention to the number of liters when buying a backpack. Choose a backpack with a maximum capacity of 42 litres, as they often meet the dimensions set by airlines. However, we can’t stress it often enough: always check the required dimensions with your airline and check that the bag you have in mind meets these requirements.

Top 5 handbag backpack brands

Are you still looking for the perfect tote backpack for traveling? Then these 5 brands with tote backpacks are definitely worth considering!


Herschel has a wide variety of backpacks and other types of bags. With countless designs and different styles, there’s always a backpack that’s perfect for you. Backpacks are made of sturdy materials, often having several convenient compartments and are timeless thanks to their sleek design. Especially if you are a traveling enthusiast, this backpack from Herschel is perfect for traveling!


Swedish foreign brand Fjällräven has a large collection of bags that are perfect for traveling. For example, the Foldsack is ideal for city trips and the Kånken is perfect as an extra handbag to your regular suitcase. The backpack is sturdy, durable, functional and trendy. If you’re planning on going on a road trip anytime soon, this backpack from Fjällräven is definitely worth checking out!


Nobody likes to carry around a heavy backpack all day. Fortunately, Travelite backpacks are light! In addition, the backpack is functional and comfortable to wear on the back. You don’t have to worry that not everything will fit, as the backpack offers enough space for all your travel essentials. Discover the quality and comfort of the Travelite backpack and travel carefree.


Many young people wear them in high school: the Eastpak backpack. But did you know that the Eastpak backpack is also perfect as a tote bag? Thanks to its compact size and handy layout, you can easily store your things and the bag itself. Many Eastpak backpacks have a laptop compartment, which is especially useful when you’re on a work trip. Plus, you can easily use the backpack as an everyday bag and thanks to its multi-colored design, the Eastpak backpack will always be one for you!


You may know Samsonite by its fine quality luggage, but the brand also sells tote backpacks. The quality of a backpack is not inferior to a briefcase, but you also use a backpack faster for work. This way you can optimally use your Samsonite backpack not only on the move, but also every day. If you’re looking for a mix between a suitcase and a backpack, the Samsonite is the right choice for you. The American luggage manufacturer also sells backpacks with a trolley function. Perfect for a change!