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We love soft skin! Leather shoes exudes luxury and complements your outfit. Until you put it on during an unexpected downpour. As beautiful as suede, leather is fragile and your pretty shoes suddenly look worn. Help! Cleaning suede can be tough work, but don’t panic. With these tips you can clean your suede shoes in no time and still look beautiful.

Cleaning suede shoes

Your favorite suede shoes are not having an easy time with the Dutch climate. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later your shoes will get dirty and stained. You can mess up like a power jack, throw your shoes in the closet and never wear them again, but you can also take up the challenge. Cleaning shoes is one thing, but getting suede shoes fresh is another story. However?! Cleaning suede, be it suede shoes or suede boots, is not as difficult as it seems. With this do & don’t do and practical tips on cleaning suede shoes made easy!


  • It looks like an open door, but we like to kick it. Before you wear your new suede shoes, it’s a good idea to spray them with a protective spray. Spraying is very easy and prevents smudges.
  • Let the newly sprayed suede shoes dry for a few hours. This way your shoes are better protected from dirt.

Do not

  • Never clean suede with soap and water! Really, never! Water and soap will only cause more stains and the chances of damaging your shoes are very high. Washing suede shoes in the washing machine is a very bad idea.
  • Have you worn suede shoes on a rainy day? Don’t let it dry near the heater! The heat causes the suede to harden and then there’s only one solution: a one-way trash can. It is best to let your shoes air dry. It will take a while for them to dry properly, but your shoes will thank you.
  • Don’t clean your suede shoes with vinegar! Removing stains from suede with vinegar is an old grandmother’s guesswork, but the risk of discoloration is very high.

How to clean suede shoes step by step

Suede is beautiful, but leather is fragile. Are your shoes very dirty and your hands in your hair? Don’t worryWith this practical step-by-step plan, your suede boot kicks in no time again as good as new.

Step 1: Make sure your shoes are dry

Wet suede shoes should be allowed to air out. If it’s wet or damp, the stain will only get worse and you’ll be further away from home. It doesn’t matter where you let your shoes dry, but avoid heating them at all times!

Step 2: Remove the dirt

Gently remove dirt from your shoes, preferably with a special suede brush. The suede brush has two sides: one with steel bristles and one with rubber bristles. You are using the rubber side to remove dirt and you need the steel side if you want to roughen the suede.

Rub the rubber side gently in one direction to minimize damage to the suede. Are the stains really that stubborn? Then brush very carefully a little harder, until the stain is gone.

Step 3: Remove stains

If the stain is still visible, you can gently scrub the stain with a little warm water. Use a little water, because water and suede are not good competition. Lightly dampen the steel side of a suede brush and gently work the water over the entire shoe to avoid discoloration. Rub the water gently into the leather and then pat the shoes dry with a dry cloth.

Are there bald spots on the skin? Then brush vigorously up and down with the rubber side. This will lift the suede hairs back, making the bald spot less noticeable.

Don’t have a suede brush at home? Then use dry bread! Yes, that’s right, dry bread. Dry bread absorbs fat, making stains disappear like snow in the sun. Dab a piece of dry bread on the stain and voilathe stain is gone.

Step 4: Use an eraser

Stains can also be removed with a special suede remover. Some suede brushes have such an eraser on the back, but these are also available separately. Move the eraser gently over the stain, the same way you would erase a pencil mark. If you don’t have a special suede eraser, a plain white pencil eraser will also work.

Step 5: Steam stubborn stains

If you’re still seeing smudges after performing the steps above, then it’s time for the heavy guns. You took your suede jacket to the dry cleaners, but you can easily dry your suede shoes yourself.

Fill a pot with water or put a kettle on the stove. Quooker is also enough if you have this luxury in the kitchen. Wait for the water to boil and hold your shoes in the steam. Gently brush with your suede brush -or a clean nail brush- in one direction until your shoes look like new again.

Step 6: Let your shoes dry completely

To dry your shoes evenly, place one or more wads of paper in your shoes. The paper will absorb excess moisture, but don’t use newsprint. Ink can cause ugly smudges that you can’t get rid of with the best will in the world. Let your shoes air dry and make sure they are completely dry before you wear them.

Step 7: Coarse suede

Once your shoes are dry, it’s time for the final step. Use the metal side of a suede brush to roughen the fibers so all the bristles are pointing in the same direction. And tada! Your suede shoes are like new! Spray your shoes well with a protective spray, so they stay beautiful longer.

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