with these tips they will be like new again!

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Dirty shoes, that’s the best. One of them happened during a night out, the other was just walking through a dirty puddle of mud. And the clumsiest among us don’t hesitate to drop a glass of chocolate milk into a new pair of white sneakers. Once it’s dirty, you’re screwed like a plug, because of how you got it shoe clean again? Surely no one saves it! Don’t worry, cleaning shoes is easier than you think. With these tips, you’ll have your shoes back like new in no time!

Cleaning shoes plan step by step

Cleaning your shoes seems like a very complicated job, but a good step-by-step plan is half the job. Whether you want to clean your sneakers, a pair of ankle boots or dress shoes, following these 5 steps will have your shoes looking like new again.

Step 1: Remove the laces from your shoes

For shoes with laces, remove the laces first. Not only is it easier to clean the rest of your shoe, but clean laces give your shoe a complete makeover. Place the laces in a bowl of warm water and let them soak for a while. Then rinse well and dry with a dry cloth. With white shoelaces you can add a bit of bleach, so they are radiant white again. Are your shoelaces unsalvageable? Then use a new pair of straps! This often requires a small fee, but gives great results!

Step 2: Remove coarse dirt

Large pieces of mud, unwanted leaves, and even dirty food residue: before you clean your shoes, it’s important to remove coarse dirt. You can do this with a soft shoe brush or an old toothbrush. Is dirt in the indentations of your shoes? Then use a skewer, pen without refill or cotton swab to remove it.

Step 3: Clean shoes with soapy water

You can clean most shoes with warm water and a little mild detergent. Use a toothbrush, clean cloth or soft shoe brush and dip it in soapy water. Rub your shoes gently. Always start with the top and work last. No hard scrubbing required! Instead, scrub gently and dip your cloth or brush regularly in soapy water.


Once your shoes are soaked, you can remove any remaining soap with another damp cloth. You can then wipe with a dry cloth if necessary.

NB: not every material is equally resistant to water and soapy water. Especially when cleaning suede, it’s better to follow an alternative step-by-step plan!

Step 4: Let the shoes dry

Your shoes are now completely clean, so it remains only to dry them properly. Let your shoes dry on the tea towel where desired in the room, but not in direct sunlight or under a heater. This can deform and discolor your shoes. To keep them in shape, you can stuff the shoes with a small towel or a piece of paper (not newspaper which will stain the ink!).

Step 5: Treat the shoes

Now that your shoes are thoroughly cleaned, you should know one thing: prevention is better than cure! By routinely caring for your shoes with the right products, the material will stay beautiful longer. You can also make your shoes water and dirt resistant, so you’ll need this step-by-step plan less often! Always make sure you take care of your shoes after cleaning them.

Can shoes go in the washing machine?

Shoes in the washing machine, easy right?! Just like your clothes, shoes will also get clean in the washing machine. you would think it did. But the amount of water, temperature, and drum rotation can also be disastrous for your shoes. For example, you might put a pair of Nike Air Max in the washing machine or another pair of sneakers, but there’s a good chance they’ll be ruined. Your shoes may deform, the glue may peel and the colors may fade. We recommend that you never throw your shoes and sneakers in the washing machine, but simply clean them according to the step-by-step plan above. Maybe a little more work, but also a bigger chance of getting a new, complete looking shoe afterward!

Cleaning white shoes

Hot white shoes! And very contagious! One rain and your shoes aren’t what they used to be. Don’t worry, you can clean white shoes too! With a step-by-step plan from this blog you can clean your white sneakers and white shoes, but there are more options. You can also clean your white shoes with home, garden and kitchen maintenance. For example, try cleaning your white shoes with a small amount of toothpaste or baking soda. As a last resort, you can use bleach instead of a small amount of detergent, but only use this if your shoes are really white!

Do you find cleaning too much of a hassle and would you prefer a new pair of shoes? That’s right, buy it on sale!

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