Please help with the PBCore User/Non-user survey

Written by Jack Brighton on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The PBCore team is looking for all feedback on use and non-use of PBCore by people who manage audiovisual collections. This’ll help inform the work happening now on improving the schema, and whatever else can be done to make PBCore more useful. You can take the survey here:

Please do it, you know you want to! It’ll be good for you!

Oh, also, if you take the survey before May 5, you have a chance at winning a PBCore mug, which will feature our recently created new PBCore logo! Who wouldn’t want a PBCore mug? Everyone who completes the survey will be entered in a drawing, and three winners will be announced on Friday, May 9th.

The logo is pretty cool, no?

PBCore rides again

Written by Jack Brighton on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As the denizens and constituents of will know, this community blog got started when somebody who shall remain nameless dropped the ball on continuing support for PBCore back in 2008. By that time, many audiovisual archives and developers had adopted PBCore as a promising metadata standard for audio and video assets and collections. Some community dialogue and self-support was needed, and the PBCore community has grown significantly since then.

Well here’s some good news: PBCore is back in action, with the official support of WGBH and the Library of Congress. It’s now under the care of the American Archive, which has been funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which has renewed its commitment to preserving the audiovisual treasures created over decades by public broadcasters and producers in the United States.

There is some work to do on the PBCore schema, and a really good team of people are working on that now. The canonical PBCore website will soon be refreshed, and other teams are working on educational and support materials.

You can get more of the full rundown on the American Archive website announcement of this news that PBCore is back in action!

pbcoreAssetDate needs refinement…and this site needs revitalization

Written by Jack Brighton on Monday, August 05, 2013

So…lots going on in PBCoreland that hasn’t been reflected on I’ll get to that in another post. For the moment I want to mark something that is currently bugging me about PBCore 2.0: pbcoreAssetDate needs something to say what date formatting is being used. This is true for all other dates in a PBCore record.

I’m in the middle of building a PBCore export feature for WILL’s main website. This will allow exchange of pretty complete metadata with systems that can ingest PBCore, like the American Archive project (if it ever gets truly rolling) and the Popup Archive (which is rolling nicely). As I dive into the specifics, I want to return to and highlight those things about the PBCore 2.0 schema that remain…unfinished.

More on pbcoreAssetDate needs refinement…and this site needs revitalization

PBCore Cataloging Workshop at AMIA Conference

Written by Jack Brighton on Monday, November 14, 2011

An event for the ages:

PBCore Cataloging Workshop

A day of cataloging exercises and case studies
Wednesday, November 16th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
At the Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, Austin, Texas

Find out if PBCore is a good data structure for your audiovisual assets.  With PBCore experts, dig into the PBCore 2.0 schema and meet a range of tools; learn mandatory, suggested, and recommended elements, picklists and relationships; and explore workflows for handling intellectual content and instantiations. Gain a solid grasp of why and how PBCore is useful for handling analog and digital audiovisual objects.

The workshop will be held at The Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

More on PBCore Cataloging Workshop at AMIA Conference

PBCore in RDF

Written by Mary on Thursday, October 06, 2011

I guess I know just enough about RDF to be dangerous. It may be that I am not plugging the namespace information in correctly, but all my attempts to wrap a PBCore XML record in RDF have failed validation in the W3C validation tool (  I would really love and adore an example of a valid PBCore record in RDF.

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